Fortnite: Where to Find & Forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the island

Here’s where and how to complete the forage bouncy eggs hidden around the island.

The Fortnite spring breakout event starts today. Epic Games announced the event earlier in the week with new spring skins coming to the item shop along with fan-favourite skins from past seasons making their way back into the shop during the event.

Although there aren’t dedicated challenges for the spring breakout event, players can still get their hands on a free pickaxe by competing the first stage of the Fortnite season 6 week 3 legendary challenge. The pickaxe up for grabs is called Tactical Quaxes and you can take a look at what they look like below.

Tactical Quaxes Fortnite Pickaxe

The challenge you’ll need to complete in order to get the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe is to forage bouncy eggs hidden around the map. There’s different stages for this legendary week 3 challenge, but players only need to forage 10 bouncy eggs hidden around the map in order to complete the challenge.

Where to find bouncy eggs in Fortnite

UPDATE: Article updated with up-to-date information at the bottom of this article.

As we’re writing this guide before the Fortnite season 6 week 3 challenges have been released, we’re using information from data-miners as to where you can forage bouncy eggs hidden around the Fortnite season 6 map.

Fortnite Bouncy Egg

Bouncy eggs will be a common item that seems like it won’t have a set spawn locations around the map. It appears as though they’ll appear as floor loot as shown in the image below:

Data-miners have stated you’ll be able to hold a maximum of 15 bouncy eggs at once. It’ll provide players with shield as well as giving them a low gravity effect. There’s no information regarding how much shield they will provide or how long the low gravity effect will last for.

We’ll update this article with any new or useful information as soon as the challenges go live for week 3 at 2 PM UTC.

UPDATE: The bouncy eggs in Fortnite can be found all around the map on the floor. Here are one of the locations where you can find some:

bouncy eggs fortnite locations

From the above location, you’ll find more here:


Head east from the above location for more Fortnite bouncy eggs:


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