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Gamers reward “genius” Brigitte Overwatch 2 Defend Bash adjustments

Gamers are pumped for a way Overwatch 2 will replace Brigitte’s Defend Bash. The notorious stun lastly being eliminated, and extra.

Massive issues are coming to Overwatch 2 for Brigitte, and never simply how the hero appears.

Primarily based on what was showcased in Overwatch League playtests, followers of the help suppose the change might be an enormous improve.

These tweaks have been identified for a while, and non-Brig stans have complained the adjustments — which embody a harm increase and cooldown discount — might be overpowered.

Defend Bash adjustments are “actually brilliant”

Blizzard Leisure

Brig will see some main adjustments to her skills for Overwatch 2.

On the official Overwatch boards, consumer VexInsanity compiled a list of all of the adjustments coming to Defend Bash, that are as follows:

  • Stun is eliminated
  • Cooldown is diminished from 7s to 5s
  • Distance is elevated from 6.85m to about 10-11m
  • Not blocked by shields
  • Now triggers encourage
  • Injury elevated from 5 to 50

In addition they defined that whereas eliminating stun removes crowd-control from the transfer, the “function” of the power is saved in tact.

“As an anti-dive tool, this shield bash lets Brig pressure flankers off of her with damage rather than the stun,” they defined. “If she hits Tracer with this shield bash, Tracer is gonna have to retreat. The 50 damage is a lot, and now Brig is healing herself.”

Blizzard Leisure

Brigitte will play a lot in another way in Overwatch 2 with these adjustments.

Put collectively, all of those adjustments greater than make up for the lack of stun. Whereas Brig gained’t be capable of interrupt ultimates or be as a lot of a ache for enemy tanks, she’ll be higher capable of deter flanking heroes.

“So in essence it’s still an anti-dive tool, it still allows brig to duel (if not more effectively with more lethality),” VexInsanity added “It lets Brig move more and more often, and that’s all in a trade for sometimes not stopping someones ability or ult.”

With the Overwatch 2 closed beta developing in April, 2022, we should always get the possibility to see these adjustments in motion earlier than too lengthy. Ideally, they’ll preserve Brigitte as a viable hero, with out making her to

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