Genshin Impact will probably become even more complex in the future

A leak shows that you may soon be able to build a deck of cards in Genshin Impact. The mode could come to the action RPG with a future update.

That’s what the leak says: In the new mode you collect your favorite characters and monsters as cards. There are said to be 25 of the characters and a few monsters, including Electro Hypostasis. From the cards you collect, you build the strongest possible deck of cards. If you play and collect diligently, you also have the chance to win special golden trading cards.

Where did the leak come from? The information comes from the prominent leaker UBatcha who tweeted about it. Since UBatcha has been right a lot in the past, it’s likely that the card game mode will actually come to Genshin Impact as well. The details have not yet been precisely determined by the developers, which is why something could probably change, according to the user.

Already in August he had Leaker Mero noted that such card game content will be coming soon to make Genshin Impact’s endgame less dry.

In the video you can see the new Zone Sumeru:

Genshin Impact: Trailer about the land of Sumeru and the mystical element Dendro

Card game fixed mode in Genshin Impact

What do I use the deck of cards for? You play against each other in PvP or defeat PvE opponents. For example, you can challenge the NPCs Fischl and Cyno, and some characters even have different levels of difficulty. According to the rumors, this is weekly content, so you can challenge the NPCs again every week and collect rewards.

There should also be challenges in the open world where your deck of cards is used.

It is important to know that this is a leak and not official information from the developers. So it could happen that something changes before the release of the update.

How does the mode work?

  • The game is played 1v1.
  • It’s all about defeating every opponent’s card.
  • Initially, you choose 3 characters for the round, one of which is always the active character.
  • A player rolls the dice at the beginning of each turn, determining how much energy they get to use skills.
  • Alternatively, during your turn you can also change the active character, play a card from your hand, discard a card, or change the element of your elemental die.
  • Elements evoke reactions from the opponent. For example, water makes them wet, just as it does in combat.
  • When the energy is used up, it is the other player’s turn.

The mode should be playable permanently in Genshin Impact, not just during an event. We will find out whether the details of the gameplay will change either through future leaks or through an official announcement from HoYoverse. We will of course keep you informed about this.

When does the mode come into play? The leaks contain different information about which update the content will be released with:

  • According to Mero, the deck could come as soon as Update 3.1.
  • According to other rumours, you won’t be able to play maps until update 3.3. There is currently no date for the updates.

What do you think about the leak? Do you think there will be a deck of cards really soon? Are you looking forward to collecting the perfect builds and taking on opponents? Or is deck building not your area of ​​interest? Write us in the comments, here on MeinMMO!

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