German Twitch streamer Kalle stars in a totally insane meme-throwing metal video

The Westphalian metalcore band Electric Callboy is known for their crazy videos. Now they’ve hired popular streamer Kalle Koschinsky to star in their latest music video. And that embraces all of what makes the internet great.

Who is Kalle Koschinsky?

  • The streamer and musician is best known as Hand of Blood’s “sidekick” in his earlier work, but is now a successful influencer himself.
  • Kalle has been on Twitch since 2016, but announced a break in April 2022 because Twitch was “breaking” him.
  • Since then he has focused more on YouTube and other productions, but also streams on Twitch from time to time.

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what is this video “Arrow of Love” is one of the tracks from the new album “Tekkno” released by Electric Callboy on September 16th, 2022. In the corresponding video, Kalle plays the love god Cupid, but in a very modern version.

Instead of using a bow and arrow, as is known from mythology, Cupid attacks people with pistols, grenades and explosives to force them to their happiness. Wherever there is a dispute, he ensures her happiness according to the motto: “I’ll give you love, shove it right into your face”.

Kalle not only reminds of Rambo in his costume, but also plays with the charm of Call of Duty. Even memes are scattered throughout the video, such as the well-known “Distracted Boyfriend/Girlfriend” meme (minute 1:18) and “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” (minute 1:56).

The theme of the song is actually quite direct: love is for everyone and better than violence. We have included the music video for you here:

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“I only had 3 days to memorize the song”

Why is Kalle playing there? Electric Callboy are known for hiring German greats from the internet. The band has been working with Kalle for some time. That’s how the song “Castrop X SpandauFor example as a collaboration, in which Kalle himself is raised to one of the “callboys”.

Kalle has appeared in Electric Callboy videos before, but Hand of Blood has also been part of the productions. Do you want to see him dance in an 80’s disco outfit, check out “hypa hypa” on.

Hänno also provides entertainment and bizarre moments quite well himself:

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This is what Kalle says about the video: Kalle himself hasn’t really had much to do with metal up to now, but likes to work with Electric Callboy, as he says: “I like music with an earworm factor and I think Electric Callboy do it well.”

As he explained in a live stream on September 21, he only had 3 days to memorize the lyrics to “Arrow of Love.” But for him it is one of the best tracks on the new album.

If Electric Callboy is a bit too hard for you, check out Saltatio Mortis. The German folk rock band also has a close connection to gaming and the internet:

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