Gotham Knights on Metacritic: First tests criticize the new co-op game

Gotham Knights (PC, Steam, PS5, Xbox) lets you fight crime with Batman’s four successors. But the first tests of the game are rather mixed.

What is Gotham Knights? Gotham City is in danger of being taken over by the Council of Owls. You want to prevent that in the role of the Bat family – because Batman is dead.

You have four roles at your disposal:

  • bat girl
  • Robin
  • Nightwing
  • Redhood

You control these four characters in the third-person perspective through the open world of Gotham City and try to curb crime.

Action RPG Gotham Knights shows Batgirl – beat up enemies in style and fast paced in the trailer

Gotham Knights is an action role-playing game launching October 21st on PC, Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The story can be played alone or in multiplayer. You can team up in co-op to clean up Gotham’s underworld together.

From November 29, the “Heroic Assault” mode will also be released – a standalone mode for four players.

The game was developed by WB Games Montréal, the studio responsible for the Arkham prequel Batman: Arkham Origins. Important, however: Gotham Knights is not a continuation of the Arkham series, but an independent game.

The first tests for the game were already published on October 20th. How is the new Gotham adventure being received?

That’s what first tests say about Gotham Knights

On the website Metacritic The reviews from a wide range of media are collected and summarized in an average score – the “Metascore”.

According to the current status, Metacritic only has the “critic score” for Gotham Knights. A user rating is pending.

Currently Gotham Knights is listed on Metacritic as follows:

  • It gets a metascore of 69/100 from 51 reviews on the PS5. Of these, 26 are positive, 23 are mid-range, and 2 are negative.
  • On Xbox Series X, Gotham Knights has a Metascore of 68/100 from 22 reviews. 12 positive, 8 mid-range, 2 negative.
  • On the PC it gets a score of 67/100, with 11 reviews. 5 positive, 5 mid-range, 1 negative.

What is criticized? Overall, Gotham Knights is described as a thoroughly entertaining superhero game, but it has weaknesses in various areas. This also includes the technology – it was already criticized in advance that Gotham Knights would only offer a 30 FPS mode.

Some voices:

  • “Gotham Knights didn’t wow me with its all-too-familiar objectives, combat, and activities, but it didn’t disappoint either,” writes GameInformer.
  • “Gotham Knights is a tight and mostly addictive action RPG with a compelling (albeit predictable) story and the best Gotham City yet seen in a video game,” opines IGN (Italy): “From a technical point of view, there are some annoying performance issues and it doesn’t look like the game is really intended for next-gen, but the gameplay is solid and in co-op with a friend it’s definitely worth the experience.”
  • “If you want to jump around and beat people up, there are hundreds of other games. If you really want to play a DC action game that takes a modern, and admittedly bold, step away from the big black bat, then Gotham Knights is good enough. It’s just that in the shadow of previous Batman titles, in the shadow of Batman himself, it doesn’t impress. It’s disappointing.” VG247.

The colleagues from GameStar and GamePro also took a closer look at the game. At GamePro, Gotham Knights is rated with a 65: “Gotham Knights obviously suffers from its difficult development, which buries a thoroughly fun core with many problems,” it says.

There is praise for the beautiful game world and presentation, as well as fun skills and the story, which is predictable in the end. The loot system, the “moderately fun movement at best” and the XP grind are criticized. You can find the full test here here at GamePro.

The GameStar also describes the game as thoroughly entertaining, but also repetitive. There is also criticism regarding tough boss fights. At the same time, according to the test, there are also a “lot of good approaches”, especially in co-op. The GameStar test with rating can be found here.

You can also find the GameStar test video here:

What do you think of the new Gotham game? Is the “Batman game without Batman” for you? Or do you prefer to sit out in this case? What do you expect from the game? Tell us in the comments!

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