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GTA Online Released 8 Years Ago: 5 Things Rockstar Should Update Before GTA 6

It seems incredible, but GTA Online is eight years old today and we have compiled a compilation of the things that Rockstar needs to change in the game before the highly anticipated GTA 6 is released.

October 1, 2013 was a great moment in video game history. GTA Online came with a revolutionary title that marked a before and after in the industry. However, what keeps a game from eight years old still on the rise is its incredible control of the online service of the game.

GTA Online has undergone many changes over the years: the number of ways to make money, sharper focus on street racing, the stakes increase like Perico Key …

While all of them have been more than welcome to the game, there are still many others that could be updated before saying goodbye to the mythical game.

1. Updates to the GTA Online map

GTA Online mapWe need updates on the GTA Online map

Los Santos has been explored to the greatest extent possible. There isn’t much left to make veteran players amazed again. However, it is a situation that could change with some fairly simple additions.

Even something as simple as including the San Andreas map could go a long way toward making the game feel something new. Also, this would give the opportunity to give more possibilities for characters and locations throughout the franchise.

2. New game modes and missions

GTA Online update rockstar June 17New game modes are always a breeze of fresh air

Any user who has played GTA Online will be able to talk about the lack of innovation in the current system.

Although there are many things to do, many of the missions end up being repetitive and even an imitation of one another. Despite the fact that every time there are updates the players return the feeling that there is no new content remains.

Expanding the map would make it easier for Rockstar to establish new locations and even characters for players to interact with.

3. Crossplay for console and PC

Crossover in GTA Online? Yes for

Now that GTA V and GTA Online will have their place in the next generation, Rockstar should consider crossplay.

A function that is more than likely players start asking for it in the coming months. It is also a function that many other games such as Call of Duty or Apex legends have already done.

4. New heists in GTA Online

Cayo Perico Heist artwork

The last robbery of the game it was an absolute success and this kind of quality should still be present in the game. The way is already open Rockstar just needs to keep going with the plan bringing new content in this section.

5. In-game event for the launch of GTA 6

Franklin snipes in GTA 6

It would be ugly to fire GTA Online if we gave ourselves a chance to commemorate everything we have experienced through this game, so The Saints have to celebrate the definitive party.

Whether it’s totally new content to preview the events of the next game or just a nostalgic journey to cry my eyes out, we need an official goodbye to the game.

What would you like to see in GTA Online?

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