GTA player gets hacked, recovers his account and is suddenly a billionaire

A gamer reports that his GTA Online account was hacked. When support releases the account and gives it back to its original owner, he can hardly believe his eyes. Suddenly he’s a billionaire.

The story in brief: On reddit, a player posts a screenshot of his character standing in the casino. In the top corner you can see his stash of gaming chips: almost 2 billion. Players are amazed, but also warn. Because the newly minted online billionaire explains that his account was hacked and that he still had the money in the account when he got the account back.

Doesn’t Rockstar Games intervene? We show you the details and reactions of the players.

How the player got his account back

This is the whole story: On reddit, user MoistWave posted a screenshot from GTA Online on August 13th. The caption “I just got my account back after being hacked. And I have 2 billion chips in my account.” It is important to know that the chips can be converted 1:1 into GTA dollars.

One of the fastest supercars costs almost 3 million GTA dollars, but the cars usually cost less. With almost 2 billion GTA dollars, MoistWave could embark on a pompous shopping spree.

You can see the huge stock of game chips on the following reddit content:

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MoistWave explains in an interview with PCGamesNthat his account was hacked while he was idle and not playing GTA 5. “Honestly, I don’t even know what happened when my account was hacked. I didn’t even notice it because I wasn’t active in the game. I didn’t realize my account email had changed until I tried to reset my password. Ever since I got my account back, everything has been fine.”

What are the players saying about this? The story was often commented on reddit. Many are jealous and would like to have such a fat account balance in the game themselves. You’re on the right track with our 13 tips for making a lot of money quickly in GTA Online.

But many also advise caution, because Rockstar would actually reset such money that may have been transferred to the account through cheats.

“This is how we find out if Rockstar controls this subreddit,” writes Due-Werewolf-5825. Many other users agree with this statement with upvotes. About 6 hours later, MoistWave replied and wrote “It’s fine, I still have my account”.

Others write:

  • “Go to roulette and bet 2 billion on red!”
  • “Leave it there and only monetize it when you need it. Don’t take out large sums of money or buy everything that’s in the casino store and don’t let Rockstar know about it. Even if your account was hacked, they would probably just reset your account.”
  • “Well, there are 2 visible names on the screenshot. Guess for yourself. OP has been hacked and now he wants to be banned. These are Balls of Steel.”

So far there is no update from the surprised billionaire. He may have taken his money and made himself comfortable with El Rubio on Cayo Perico. How the account got so many chips is unclear. It is obvious that cheats are involved here.

In the early days of the casino, there was a horse racing glitch that Rockstar Games just couldn’t handle. For days, players stuffed their virtual accounts with chips.

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