Hackers use a simple image to plant viruses on you

Hackers currently only need a beautiful picture of space to send you nasty viruses. But how does it work at all?

There are a lot of scammers online who would like to get your money and your accounts. Sometimes the hackers are so bad that even entire MMORPGs have to be shut down because of hackers.

The scammers use every conceivable trick to get hold of data. One trick is now particularly nasty, because the tool for it looks pretty harmless at first.

The image of the most modern telescope is misused as malware

Which picture is it about? Considered the most advanced telescope of its kind, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched in late 2021. On July 11 and 12, 2022, the first images of the device were shown to the public.

But exactly one of these images is now being used by hackers to send you malware. This is reported by the security service Securonix on his blog.

How does the nasty trick work? Hackers use the James Webb Telescope photo to spread malware by hiding malicious code in the image file. That means: You only see the picture and don’t have to run any code.

Because when the victim downloads the image to their device, the malware gets installed as well. The malicious image file is often distributed with the title “Geos-Rates.docx” via phishing emails in the form of a Microsoft Office attachment.

What is particularly nasty about it is that many antivirus scanners do not respond to the virus because it is so elegantly hidden in the code of the image file. And very few users will notice that they have also caught malware with the pretty picture.

16-year-old lives with mom, allegedly hacks the biggest tech giants in the world

Hackers also regularly target gamers

Gamers are also interesting for hackers and scammers. Because game accounts are often worth many thousands of euros if there are characters with valuable equipment. With digital currencies such as Bitcoin or other coins, which are now being used in many online games, such games are becoming increasingly interesting for scammers.

Only recently, hackers managed a major coup in a Pokémon-like game. After all, more than half a billion euros had been stolen here:

Hackers steal €550 million from NFT game – Pokemon-like game was unfortunately too successful

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