Hand in PS4 Pro, get up to €250 credit at GameStop

Dust off your old PS4 Pro, bring it to your nearest GameStop branch and get up to €250 credit for it!

At least since the PS5 has become a little better available, the PS4 Pros of this world have had a sad existence. If they’re lucky, they’ll still stand decoratively in a display case or in front of the television, others will rot in a dark box in the basement. It doesn’t have to be like this! Give your old console a second life because GameStop gives you up to €250 credit for the PS4 Pro.

Trade in PS4 Pro now

So you get up to 250 € for the PS4 Pro

The way to the voucher is quickly explained: Bring your (fully functional) PS4 Pro to your trusted GameStop branch and you will get your credit there. In addition to the console itself, the original Sony DualShock 4 controller (new model), an HDMI cable, the power cable and the USB charging cable for the controller must be included.

If you no longer have the mono headset, the manual and the original packaging, no problem, these accessories are not mandatory. How high the voucher you get for your console ultimately turns out to be depends on the State of the console and the additionally exchanged accessories.

Everything else you need to know can be found on the trade-in promotion overview page:

Everything about the PS4 Pro Tradein

Submit two games, get current top titles for €9.99

Do you have more old stuff that you don’t need and want to get rid of profitably? That’s handy because GameStop wants your old games too! Bring her two games (from the official list) in a branch, you can buy or pre-order a new game for only €9.99. If you decide on a special edition, the difference to the normal version will be €9.99 on top.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your unloved games, jet off to the next GameStop and get your hands on the latest blockbusters like Splatoon 3, Steelrising or The Diofield Chronicle.

Get the latest titles now for €9.99

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