Head of LoL team Eintracht Spandau gives deadly serious interview on Twitch

Maximilian “HandOfBlood” Knabe, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, conducted a memorable interview at SPOBIS. At Europe’s largest sports business event, he introduced himself as “Mr. Knabe”, the boss of the LoL team Eintracht Spandau. So he played a role and he was dead serious about it. After 20 minutes it became too colorful for the moderator.

Eintracht Spandau is a phenomenon in League of Legends esports. With the popular influencer HandOfBlood as a driving force, the club managed to build up a large fan base within a very short time.

The strategy behind it: Don’t just be a club, be an entertainment machine.

HandOfBlood likes to slip into crazy roles in his YouTube videos, dress up in matching costumes and sometimes pushes the pain threshold – his own when the costumes are too crazy and those of his viewers when he drinks cow’s milk as a cat.

The latest pain threshold that was exceeded is that of Alex Schlueter, among other things a moderator on the streaming service DAZN. He was the interlocutor of HandOfBlood.

However, the streamer came in his uncomfortable role of “President Boy” – and pulled through to the end. Until Schlueter leaves the stage with the words: “I would break it off at this point”.

We show you how the interview went on MeinMMO.

More about the German LoL phenomenon Eintracht Spandau can be found in the video:

Everything you need to know about the LoL team Eintracht Spandau – in 4 minutes

Moderator leaves the stage at the presidential interview

The panel at the “SPOBIS” trade fair dealt with the topic: “How to become one of the most famous and popular sports presidents in the country within a year”. A serious specialist topic with a serious moderator. However, the guest speaker had a different plan.

HandOfBlood insisted on appearing as President Knabe. The streamer often takes on the role when he appears in connection with his LoL team Eintracht Spandau.

However, President Knabe is… idiosyncratic. A parody. A dead serious guy who takes things out of context and has strong opinions – all with a humorous twist.

Moderator Alex Schlueter apparently expected a stimulating conversation about the topic. But things should be different.

There is currently no video-on-demand of the interview. It was broadcast via the Eintracht Spandau twitch channel.

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“Uli, if you see that”

It started out striking. President Knabe isn’t even sitting properly when he yells into the camera: “Uli, if you see that […] didn’t you think what? With your football club you’ll soon be in the district league if it goes on like this”. The reference to “the game against Ausgburg” makes it clear that he is talking to Uli Hoeneß, former president of the football club FC Bayern Munich.

Moderator Schlueter is still fully involved, joking along. Even when President Knabe said that he and Hoeneß used to smuggle “Nürnberger” out of the JVA, the moderator laughs: “Let’s leave it at that”.

It goes on with the beat. When asked what Eintracht Spandau actually is, Knabe answers with a monologue about the spelling of e-sport. The emphasis of the word is on the “E”, which of course is pronounced in German.

Schlueter still wanted an answer to his question and said “Somewhere I didn’t get along”. A snotty “I thought so” came back from the boy.

Mr. Knabe does everything to annoy the moderator. Source: Twitch

Transfers, shirt sponsors, halftime song

After that, there are actually some appropriate answers. But it’s not about unity, it’s about e-sports as a serious sport.

The President immediately introduced a new definition: the so-called A-Sport – old sport or “sport according to the old definition”. This means established sports such as football or basketball. As an e-sports club, you don’t want to be confused with A-sports clubs.

Still happy and grinning, Schlueter asks the next question: “What is Eintracht Spandau’s recipe for success?”. It still seems like the moderator actually expects serious answers. But not with President Knabe.

The big A-Sport clubs do it, don’t they? I always say: Play your boots down, concentrate on what you can do – write them down – transfers, shirt sponsors, half-time song. We at Eintracht have been doing nothing else for several decades. Great name, great coat of arms, anthem, the arbor is ready.

Now the moderator is showing the first signs that the interview is getting on his nerves. Because Alex Schlueter continues to try to squeeze decent answers from the parody on the chair next to him. But a long pause before the next question speaks volumes.

Schlueter has doubts about Knabe’s statements and digs deeper – the stated recipe is not enough to get e-sports fans on his side. In the question, the moderator called Eintracht Spandau the “St. Pauli” of e-sports. A through ball for President Knabe:

Wow, I can’t hear that anymore. Some chump once told the press, now it’s going to be “copy-pasted”. I don’t understand the comparison either – St. Pauli is in Hamburg, Spandau is in Spandau. […] And nobody wants fans like St. Pauli’s. They don’t even buy VIP tickets or anything. […] Most likely, and that’s how I always knit it together – Uli, there he is again, he used to help them out […] the rescue games of St. Pauli […] since then he has been the absolute messiah. And I am the Messiah of Eintrach Spandau. Next question!

“Uh… fictional? We’re not fictional.”

Now comes the question that is slowly getting out of hand. Because moderator Schlueter wants to talk to the fictional character President Knabe about fictional things about Eintracht Spandau. So also about the invented role of President Knabe.

The interesting term “referential sports satire” is mentioned and Schlueter wants to know something about content production and storytelling around Eintracht Spandau.

Boy then: “Uhh … fictional? We’re not fictional. At most, the title hopes of our competition are fictional”.

Schlueter digs deeper, names the numbers achieved on YouTube and wants to know something about the secret of success. The boy replied: “You have the answer in front of you. That’s mostly up to me. […] I don’t give a damn about the numbers you wrote down there. […] The main thing is that we are ahead of our rivals, the Lapps from BIG.”

HandOfBlood’s LoL team beats their nemesis in the derby, but there was more at stake than just the win

The exchange of blows goes on for a few minutes. At some point, the first “Mr. Boy, are you serious?” comes from the moderator. When the president, with a little laugh, described FIFA as a “grassroots democratic organization” and “Franz” was associated with an envelope, even moderator Schlueter was beginning to think it was too much.

The moderator then turned the topic to sponsors and President Knabe concluded that security was needed. Excitement in sport does not arise because the winner is open. Take football as an example: nothing has changed for years and the same clubs keep winning.

By the way, we already had the Eintrach Spandau team in the MeinMMO podcast:

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“Mr. Knabe, I would break it off at this point”

Schlueter makes one last attempt to take something serious out of the conversation. If fans want security, he asks if that’s the reason why only a third of Eintracht Spandau’s budget goes into sporting development. boy on it:

[…] Because a third of our budget here just in sports and blah, so they don’t come to me like that. It’s our first season, we finished runners-up and qualified for the European Cup. […} Ob da am Ende ein Hans-Wurst unterhalten wurde, ist doch mir scheißegal. […] You need the trophies in the cupboard, otherwise the sponsors wouldn’t be there at all. With us it’s like this: National youth games for adults – we’ve just shot put behind us, cracked the 3-meter mark and now mom’s got a nice slice of orange. That’s where we are right now.

At this point, moderator Alex Schlueter ends the interview in a very professional manner and only with a minimally visible shaking of his head: “Mr. Knabe, I would end it at this point”. A screaming president boy calls defiantly: “Get out of the field”.

Then Knab finishes the panel alone. Gives more insight in his final moments than the full 15 minutes before, explaining that his entertainment product doesn’t stop at the end of a match, it really begins.

But then the role kicks in again and in the end President Knabe ridicules his statements again. What a performance.

In the end, however, there was still a reconciliation between the two. On Twitter, President Knabe and moderator Schlueter appeared together in a photo:

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If you would rather read more about the Eintracht Spandau club, then you will find something suitable here: LoL team from HandOfBlood positions itself against the AfD – “Perverse understanding of freedom”

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