How to get the armored Batman and Harley Quinn skins

The Batman Fortnite comic release date has finally been announced and the most important part is that each issue comes with an exclusive skin. The first will be the Rebirth Harley Quinn.

The Batman Fortnite comic series has finally been announced. It offers Fortnite players to grab some exclusive skins by purchasing the comics.

The Batman Fortnite series has been flying in the Fortnite atmosphere for a while and by each day the hype is skyrocketing. With multiple releases, it gives clarity to both the future map and the comic.

The final announcement about the comic series on April 14th. Both Epic and DC stated that the series will begin releasing on April 20th. The following four issues will be released in May and June respectively. The final issue is set to release on July 6.

The series is limited-edition and it provides some exciting game rewards. “Each print issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a redeemable code for bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital items inspired by the events in the comic.” announced the team in the Epic Games announcement blog post.

As per the request of Fortnite fans, Epic Games has decided to release the Rebirth Harley Quinn outfit. It is the rework of the skin that we all have in our lockers. This will be the first of the exclusive game rewards.

In the trailer for the comics, we got a glimpse of additional Batman X Fortnite skin. At the end of the trailer, we can see an armored Batman skin leap into the air. Rumors suggest that it will be the reward for purchasing the sixth issue of the Batman Fortnite comic.

The promotions for the comics paved the way for speculations about Deathstroke skin. Each issue comes with a cosmetic reward and this will be where Deathstroke skin will come into action.

We cannot expect the skins in the item shop as the cosmetics are exclusive for the players who purchase the DC comics. Until there is any further update follow us on Twitter for the latest updates about Fortnite.

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