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In Chapter 3, a Fortnite YouTuber discovers a game-breaking endless win and XP bug.

Apart from the game’s unique aesthetics and interesting mythology, one thing that has stayed consistent in Fortnite is the game’s availability of flaws. The developers have attempted to solve the bugs in practically every manner conceivable. Even if the previous ones are corrected, new bugs appear almost immediately.

GKI, nicknamed Glitch King, a renowned Fortnite YouTuber, has exposed a game-breaking Fortnite glitch. This exploit, when applied correctly, may let gamers quickly obtain the elusive Victory Royale. Some of them will also reward the player with XP.

This post will go over the specifics of the issues that have lately surfaced.

Instant revive and XP credit disclosed in Fortnite Chapter 3 glitch

The first issue that has been brought up is the immediate regeneration of teammates in Fortnite. Gamers will be able to immediately resurrect teammates without having to wait the appropriate amount of time thanks to this bug.

To activate the instant revive bug, loopers will require someone to hit revive on a teammate and then quit the match immediately. As illustrated in the video below, gamers may now instantly resurrect a knocked-out buddy.

This exploit is incredibly advantageous, as it allows players to win indefinitely. This is because, once the bug has been activated, it might assist gamers in staying alive even when in the middle of a storm.

While other teams battle it out in the final zones, gamers may easily survive in the storm with their allies, outlasting everyone else.

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the rapid revive method may also be utilized to get some XP. Gamers must do the above-mentioned actions in order to activate the glitch. They should then ask a colleague to stand on top of a torch after it’s completed.

The player’s health will be reduced by the flame, and they will be knocked down. Their friends, on the other hand, can quickly resurrect them via the bug, earning XP in the process. This may be done several times to get a lot of XP in just one Fortnite game.

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, gamers may earn XP by bringing back players with the Reboot Vans.

Should we make advantage of the previously highlighted flaws?

Glitches can either impact or have no effect on the outcome of a match. However, this revive issue will very certainly award players with a Victory Royale, which will have a significant detrimental influence on the game. Players that are curious about the bug can try it out a few times to get a feel for it, but it should not be utilized to gain an unfair edge in the game.


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