In Diablo Immortal, you’ll soon be able to live in your own castle – but there’s a catch

Diablo Immortal has released its first major update: Forgotten Nightmares. This brings a new dungeon, new loot and, as the core, your very own castle that you can live in and expand. But first you have to conquer it and here lies the big problem.

What is this lock? Castle Cyrangar is in the foothills of Westmark and is currently inhabited by heaps of demons and undead. If you have convinced the current ‘owners’ to look for another property, you can take over the castle for you.

As a new owner, you will then have access to tons of new content that can improve you:

  • Rooms of the castle that you have to clear
  • If you live in one of these rooms, you will get special bonuses for your Paragon – about 3.5% more damage for attackers or 3.5% damage reduction for survivors.
  • Once a week you can defend the castle against 8 waves of attackers and get a big loot box plus experience.
  • An “endless mode” of defense is available to you as often as you want, in which you are rewarded according to performance. There’s even a server-wide leaderboard here to compare you.

In the heart of the castle you will also find the Ancient Tray, in which you can use the new Ancient Weapons. They share some of their values ​​with the members of your squad. And this is where the problem comes in.

What’s the catch? Cyrangar Castle replaces your Warband Camp. So the activity is purely for troops. You can also play solo, but to get the full potential out of the castle, you need up to 7 other players in your squad.

Troops have been a controversial topic since the game’s release and many players complain about them. Because they block content because it is necessary, but hardly anyone wants to use it in addition to their clan.

Blizzard has already announced improvements to troops, but players would rather see them go away altogether. Instead, Cyrangar Castle is a new activity specifically for troops. on reddit there is corresponding trouble:

So they say you can do a lot of work to improve your character, get ancient weapons, space buffs and other upgrades. And then if your squad leader suddenly decides he doesn’t like you, he can take away all your progress by kicking you. […] Putting individual progress in other people’s hands is BAD, Blizzard.

Russian on reddit

Players’ fears may not be entirely unfounded, as one malefactor demonstrates:

Diablo Immortal: Player throws everyone out of the clan shortly before an important event, allegedly steals 55 million gold

It does benefit from the fact that the requirement for a troop raid in Hell’s Reliquary has now been reduced to 4 players. The remaining 4 can be randoms. Nevertheless, this point bothers many fans. Luckily, the update brings even more new content.

The 1st new dungeon with a new set is coming

What is this dungeon? A new activity for groups of 2 to 4 players is the dungeon Silent Monestary. Located at the top of Mount Zavain, this one is for players level 60 and above.

What is special about the temple is that an endless night envelops it in darkness. In order to find your way around in it, you have to make statues glow. This also weakens the demons in the dungeon.

Once all statues are activated, you can face off against the final boss, the Shadow of the Ancient Nightmare. The fight consists of several phases, in which even the environment should change.

Do you want to try another class for the new update? This is how the change works:

Diablo Immortal: How to change class

What is this set? You can only get set items in certain dungeons and so the monastery comes with a new set. Gloomguide’s Prize boosts your mobility skills (“Dashes”), allowing you to change positions more often in battles:

  • 2 pieces: Increases your damage by 15% for 3 seconds after using a dash.
  • 4th line: Increases your critical hit chance by 22.5% for 3 seconds after using a dash.
  • 6 pieces: When your dash ends, you unleash a wave of fear that deals damage and causes nearby enemies to flee in fear. The wave only triggers when enemies are nearby and cannot occur more than once every 40 seconds.

In addition to the set, there will be some new legendary items and other content.

New raid boss, legendaries and cosmetics

What else is in the update? In addition to the Ancient Weapons, there will be Invocation Gear. This adds a trigger that can trigger the Ancient Weapons effect such as: Chance to deal nearby lightning damage (Ancient Effect) whenever you deal damage (Invocation).

In addition, 3 new Legendary Gems will be implemented into the game:

  • Blessed Pebble (1 Star): Increases the duration of buffs on you by 12% and your movement speed by 8% for 3 seconds after gaining a buff.
  • The Abiding Curse (2 Stars): Attacks have a 15% chance to Curse enemies. Cursed enemies have 35% reduced attack and movement speed for 8 seconds and take 10% more damage. Enemies can only be cursed every 20 seconds.
  • Frozen Heart (5 stars): Taking damage activates a Frigid Shield for 6 seconds, chilling enemies and absorbing damage equal to 360% of your base damage + 1458. The shield gives you a 60% chance to Chill enemies with attacks. Can only occur every 20 seconds.

Legendary gems are a major criticism of Diablo Immortal. In the video we explain how they work:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

In Hell’s Reliquary, Izilech is added as a new boss. To fight this, you should have a combat rating of 6,175. This is currently well above what you need for Hell 5 and should require some time to grind even if you are well advanced.

Player shows off one of the best items you can get in Diablo Immortal right now – they are that good

“Scouring the Darkness” comes into play as a new event, in which you and your troops are supposed to complete tasks to get rewards. Also, the Starving Moon Event(LINK) returns.

In addition, there will be a new Battle Pass with cosmetics and a new skin set in the shop. The recently reworked emblems will also be improved again. You can now buy a Legendary Emblem for 1,600 platinum every week or so.

You can find more content and improvements in the official Blizzard blog post.

When is the update coming? Forgotten Nightmares is scheduled to go live on Wednesday September 28, 2022. The servers are scheduled to start up again around 4 a.m. German time after the maintenance work.

We can’t say how big the update will be yet. But it should be “the biggest update so far”.

By the way, the Eternal Orbs will also be revised. For the cheaper packages, you now get a few more orbs than before. One purchase is now enough to get Legendary Emblems. There was recently a big drama about the balls:

Diablo Immortal players reportedly owe thousands of dollars after cheating on Blizzard

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