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It appears that Bobby Kotick has arrived late and left early from a meeting designed to reassure Activision Blizzard employees.

Apparently, Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, arrived late and left early from a meeting in which he intended to reassure Activision Blizzard employees about the future of the company after the acquisition of Xbox.

As reported Washington Postthe meeting, which was scheduled to last half an hour and was advertised as a quiet chat, reportedly only lasted 16 minutes after Bobby Kotick himself showed up seven minutes late and ended the meeting early.

Apparently, Kotick discussed several points during the meeting, including the future of the company, which is preparing to start operating under the orbit of Microsoft, and the CEO’s own status within the company. Sources told The Washington Post that they had become suspicious about possible firings after Kotick told attendees that “the transition is going to be smooth because Microsoft is committed to trying to retain as many of our people as possible.

During the meeting, Kotick reiterated that he would remain CEO of the company during the transition process and for as long as Microsoft needed him afterward.. “This is a company that I have been with for 31 years, and there is nothing more important to me, apart from my children, than this company.”Kotick said.

I can say that my commitment to the company is to remain in my position. Once the deal closes, my commitment to Microsoft is that I will stay as long as it takes to make sure we have a great integration and a great transition..”

One of the employees, who wished to remain anonymous, reportedly told the Washington Post after the meeting that they were optimistic about the deal with Microsoft, but they were still “cautiouswith Kotick. “All the fear and anger we feel is still tied to Bobby Kotick and the damage he will inflict until the torch passes to Microsoft.“said the Blizzard employee.

He compared Activision to something as important as his children, and I feel like he won’t let her down. Without any mention of the strike, the lawsuit, or any of the issues that still exist, there might as well not have been a question and answer session. We could have read a press release and slept an extra 15 minutes.“.

In the last twelve months, both shareholders and employees and members of the ABK Workers Alliance have called for Kotick’s resignation after it was claimed that the CEO was aware of the alleged allegations of sexual harassment and assault within company-owned studios, but failed to disclose the information to the company’s board of directors, among other allegations. Following the announcement of Microsoft’s intention to acquire Activision Blizzard, the ABK Workers Alliance stated that it would continue to demand Kotick’s resignation.

Today, Mike Ybarra, head of Blizzard, has communicated the studio’s plans to improve the work culture in the future.

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