Leak shows new weapon for the Halloween event – “Looks super sick and has insane PvP values”

Spooky season is upon us in Destiny 2, and with it comes the Festival of the Lost. Players will then be able to earn Halloween armor again in 2022. A leak also revealed that there will be fun new masks again and a super sick sniper rifle. MeinMMO shows what it can do and what other loot you can expect for Halloween.

What can players expect from the Festival of the Lost? As every year, Bungie is celebrating its traditional Halloween event next month, probably on October 18th.

For this purpose, the guardians were allowed to determine in March 2022 which new Halloween armor Bungie should implement for it. But there was no more information about the upcoming horror event.

That’s why some dataminers have again made ambitious efforts to find out more specific details about the upcoming “Festival of the Lost” from the Destiny API. Obviously with success. Clues were found to new themed cosmetics, fun masks, and a new Halloween event weapon with a unique origin trait.

We show you what the players have discovered. But please keep in mind, these are still unconfirmed details about the Halloween event and have not officially come from Bungie. So enjoy them wisely.

This event has its roots in Destiny 1 and is held to honor fallen Guardians. This is basically the Destiny version of Halloween.

All players gather in the Tower of the Last City to commemorate loved ones, friends and comrades who fell in battle. Here the guardians should go into themselves and remember during the event what they stand for and fight for in the first place.

Bungie is turning the tower into a festive place with decorations and lights during the event. The Event Map then provides Guardians with event-specific tasks, activities, and themed rewards.

Spooky Guardians will visit Zavala again in 2022.

Which weapon was leaked for the Halloween event? Resourceful Guardians have found in the data of dug through and found a new Arc Sniper Rifle inside. It is said to be the new event weapon for the “Festival of the Lost”.

A schematic 3D model of the weapon, its original property and its perks could be seen. This is probably a legendary sniper with an aggressive frame that also offers insane values. So it should be worth chasing this new “carrot” in October.

This is how the player writes Dekelsb enthusiastically on YouTube: “I am so excited about this sniper rifle. It looks super sick and has some insane PvP stats.”

He might be right about that, if you take a closer look at the details of the weapon.

New origin trait sounds strong: According to the dataminers, the new event weapon has the origin property “Search Party”.

This states that the weapon gains faster aiming speed and higher movement speed when aiming down when there are no allies nearby.

The weapon should also be able to drop with these perks:

  • run: Arrowhead drag, corkscrew twist, chambered compensator, extended barrel, fluted barrel, wide barrel, hammer-forged twist, polygon barrel and small caliber.
  • Magazine: Improved Bullets, Extra Mag, Tactical Mag, Solid Bullets, Enlarged Mag, Alloy Mag, and Wide-Mouth Mag Well.
  • First Perk Slot: Perpetuum Mobile, Triple, Snapshot Sight, No Distractions, Clown Bullet, and Self-Loading Holder.
  • Second Perk Slot: Vorpal Weapon, First Shot, Penetrating Reserves, Moving Target, Warhorse, and Skilled Move.

With the expansion “The Witch Queen”, Destiny 2 introduced so-called origin attributes, properties, or characteristics on its weapons. These are additional and also unique advantages that show the origin of a weapon and sometimes bring strong advantages to the players.

  • For example, all weapons from the Vow of the Apprentice raid have the Soul Drinker specific origin perk.
  • At Solstice 2022, weapons had the Dream Job originating unique perk, potentially overflowing the magazine.

In addition, the weapon does not appear to be pure recycling. While there are minor similarities to the well-known sniper Dread Dare, the look of the new event weapon definitely looks better and is heavily overhauled.

In addition to the new sniper rifle, players can probably look forward to new cosmetics. Here, too, initial information could be elicited from Bungie’s API.

  • The players can expect a recycled Savathun mask with a wastepaper basket on its head and three green button eyes.
  • There will be a blue and glitter star horse mask based on Xur’s impossible horse sidekick from the Bungie 30 DLC.
  • A curious toast helmet
  • The Fynch Mask, a paper design from the new Throne Worlds vendor.
  • Players can become the most buggy weapon in the game in 2022 by donning the new Telesto mask. After the Banshee meme, arguably another fun tribute from Bungie to a great Exotic “with a mind of its own.”

You can take a closer look at the items in the video by content creator xHOUNDISHx.

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xHOUNDISHx shows you the weapon and all the leaked details in his video.

What does the new Festival of the Lost armor look like? Of course there will be new armor again. However, Bungie once again gave players the choice of which armor they would like: monsters or mecha.

The voting period went from April 7th to 13th. After that, it was clear that with almost 52% to 48% of the votes, the Guardians will get new mecha ornaments to show off during the “Festival of the Lost”. The result of the vote was on twitter released.

This is what the Halloween mecha armor for 2022 looks like in a first concept.

Is something already known about the event activity? Unfortunately not. Last year, however, Bungie sent the Guardians to Haunted instead of Lost Sectors. These were decorated in a spooky way and the aim was to hunt down headless beings, which came in the form of flock knights with pumpkin heads. That and your own story book brought some pleasant, fresh wind into the event in 2021.

Whether players should explore sectors again this year, the haunted forest returns or Bungie has planned a new, spooky activity, players will probably find out shortly before the start of the event on October 18th.

Haunted Forest Festival Lost Destiny 2
It is not yet known which activity will be active on Halloween in 2022.

How do you get these new items and armor? The masks and cosmetics can probably be picked up again from space granny Eva Levante. She is still fit and not ready to retire. So she will likely continue to be your quest giver in upcoming Destiny events.

As with the Solstice summer event, more event cosmetics will likely be available by completing the various challenges on the new event map.

However, as always, the armor ornament sets will not be playable, but will come directly to Eververse. There you can either earn them with Bright Dust or buy them with Silver. In 2021, each set was priced at either 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver respectively. It’s quite possible that Bungie will keep it that way in 2022.

Who can participate in the Halloween event 2022? When it comes to events in Destiny 2, it doesn’t matter if you bought DLC or a season or not. All players can gamble and participate in the event with the free-to-play version of Destiny 2: New Light. So you are invited to join in and turn your Guardian into a mecha or get the event snipers.

What do you think of the new Sniper with the Origin trait? Is that a reason for you to visit the Halloween event? Or do you say there are better alternatives than this new “Knifte”? And which of the mecha armors do you like the most? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

If you still want to play Destiny 2 tonight, you should also consider the server down:

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