Limelight hour today with Stollunior and Bonbon-Bonus

Spotlight Hour featuring Stollunior is happening in Pokémon GO today, September 20th. We at MeinMMO show you all the information about the short event, what bonus you can expect and whether the monster is worth it at all.

Which event is it about? Every Tuesday, Pokémon GO hosts a Spotlight Hour that focuses on a specific monster. The short event is rounded off by a special bonus.

Today it’s that time again and you can meet the Steel and Rock Pokémon Stollunior in the spotlight hour and benefit from a candy bonus.

Spotlight Hour on September 20th – Start, Bonus & Shiny

When does the event start? Spotlight Hour starts today, September 20, 2022, as usual at 6:00 p.m. local time. After 60 minutes, i.e. at 7:00 p.m. local time, the event is finally over.

What bonus is there? In addition to the numerous Stollunior spawns that you will encounter on every corner, you can also look forward to double candies when catching Pokémon.

With the help of smoke you can also attract more specimens and farm even more candies. If you are not interested in Stollunior, you will also get the bonus from all other monsters. Instead, you can also take part in raids or ignite a wonder box.

Does Shiny Stollunior exist? Yes, with a bit of luck you may encounter a dazzling Stollunior. You can recognize him by his red eyes.

Stollunior, Stollrak and Aggron normal (above) and as Shiny (below)

Is the spotlight hour with Stollunior worth it?

This is how strong Stollunior is: Stollunior is a Steel and Rock-type Pokémon from the 3rd generation of games, which can be further evolved into Stollrak into Aggron. The little monster itself is not particularly strong. On the other hand, his latest development Stolloss is impressive with solid attack and endurance values ​​as well as good defense.

With a catapult and stone edge move set, it ranks among the 10 best rock attackers in Pokémon GO. It can also score as a strong steel attacker with an attack combination of iron tail and ramming boss. In addition, Aggron has the temporary advancement Mega Aggron, which is even stronger.

You can find more strong attackers in Pokémon GO in the following video:

Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

Who should secure Stollunior? The Steel and Rock Pokémon are of particular interest to trainers who are still looking for a strong specimen. Shiny hunters also get their money’s worth during the limelight hour.

With the additional bonus, you can also secure lots of candy for your monster, which you need to develop and for power-ups. Thanks to the candy bonuses for the parallel steel event, you will also be rewarded with good, great and fabulous with additional candies and will even get XL candies with a higher probability.

How are you enjoying the spotlight hour with Stollunior? Will you secure the monster? Or would you rather be happy about a different monster? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

There is still a lot to do in Pokémon GO in the coming days. We show you all events in September and which ones are worthwhile.

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