LoL Worlds 2022 takes place in the USA – Korean Messiah is afraid of being shot

The world championships in League of Legends are coming up: The main round of the LoL Worlds 2022 will be played in the USA. This apparently worries the Korean midlaner Chovy: the 21-year-old exceptional player said in a video that he hoped not to be shot in the USA. The Chinese laugh at the saying, but some Americans still get stuck in their throats.

Who is Chovy?

  • For years, 21-year-old Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon played the big fish in a small pond in South Korea: For teams like Griffin, Dragon X or Hnawha Life, he was the central figure in the midlane for 4 years, from which the teams lived .
  • Chovy is such an amazing player that he almost single-handedly led teams to Worlds. The “Church of Chovy” formed around him: Western fans who ironically and cultically worship him as a savior. Ahead of Worlds 2021, Chovy played in Europe’s solo queue and earned a 95% winrate. He really is that good.
  • For 4 years, Chovy was considered an exceptional talent who brings weak teams forward, but wins nothing: In Korea he was runner-up again and again, at the Worlds it was often over in the quarterfinals. That changed in 2022: now he has landed in a top team at Gen G., became dominant champion in South Korea and is considered a favorite to win the 2022 World Cup.
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Chovy says: In a clip posted on Chinese social media network Weibo, South Korean Chovy was asked what he expects from the Worlds (via weibo).

His dry answer:

“I hope not to be shot.”

He said that with a small smile though.

Chovy also reportedly said he would cut his own hair during Worlds because he was afraid to go to a barber. He fears “accidents”.

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Chinese and Americans both laugh at the saying

How is this commented? The users of the Chinese Weibo see this with amused astonishment.

  • One asks: “Are you even allowed to say something like that?”
  • Another advises the bulletproof vest.
  • But most users just find it hilarious that Chovy would pull something like that out.

on reddit Americans seem to find part amusing, part worrying, about how their country is perceived:

  • One says: “He should wear a bulletproof vest when shopping – like everyone else.”
  • Another adds: As long as Chovy avoids schools, police officers and churches, he should get away with it.
  • A third American says, “What’s really sad is that this isn’t even a joke – it’s a real fear for foreign esports players.”

These are the locations where Worlds 2022 will be played

Where will Worlds 2022 take place? The highlight of the year in League of Legends is Worlds, at the end of a season.

In 2022 the World Cup will take place in different parts of North America:

  • The preliminary round runs from September 29th to October 4th in Mexico City
  • The group stage and quarterfinals will be fought at New York’s Madison Square Garden
  • The semifinals will be in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of October
  • The finals on November 5 are moving to San Francisco, California.

Chovy and Gen G. can save themselves the preliminary round and entered the tournament directly in New York:

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