Medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis gets huge update on Steam

The MMORPG Gloria Victis gets a massive update. The developers improve graphics, maps and parts of the gameplay.

Gloria Victis has been in Early Access on Steam since 2016. The MMORPG is being developed by Black Eye Games, an indie studio from Poland. They announced that they would leave early access soon after further adjustments and offer players significant improvements with the current update. The graphics, especially the sky, are now much more detailed.

in one Developer Talk on Youtube explain what has changed about Gloria Vicitis.

What kind of game is this? Gloria Victis throws you into a medieval open world that is realistic. Therefore, there is no magic, no special monsters or effects in the MMORPG. Instead, Gloria Victis relies on other aspects:

The MMORPG is Buy2Play (costs 19.99 euros on Steam) and also offers a shop with cosmetic upgrades.

In the video you can see the trailer of Gloria Victis:

MMORPG Gloria Victis – Gameplay Trailer

Significant graphics improvements

It looks different now: Especially the optical quality of the sky has changed since the update in Gloria Victis. In the sky you can now see high-resolution clouds that are moving.

The movements of the sun have also been improved, which is why beautiful sunrises and sunsets can now be seen – much closer to reality than before.

A new lighting system makes the nights in the MMORPG darker, while giving you the opportunity to set up lanterns and torches to illuminate part of your surroundings. Also, over time, your character’s eyes will adjust to the darkness, allowing you to see more.

In addition, there are visual effects such as fog or lightning to make the environment more realistic. The reflections in water also look better now.

The visibility around your character has been increased so that you can see more of it. Now you see more of the beautified world around you.

This is what the sunsets look like:

New structure of the world map

The map of Stoneholm, the world of Gloria Victis, has been restructured since the update. The capitals of the 3 regions are now on the edge of the map, while starting zones for each nation are on separate islands.

The changes aim to give players more space on the map, giving them more time to consider their actions and manage possible risks.

The quests have been adjusted to suit the new map. Players should be able to reach level 60 in a relaxed manner and be safe on the road. Through certain quest boards in each zone, it is also possible to complete more tasks and get more experience.

Also, you can now teleport directly to your quest. Before you had to walk everywhere yourself.

What do you think of the improvements in Gloria Victis? Are the graphics immediately much better as a result of the changes? Have you checked out the MMORPG and maybe even played it? How far are you already? Or do you intend to watch it now? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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