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MethodZ and Daga, European Champions in Warzone World Series

Europeans already have World Series of champions Warzone: MethodZ and Daga are the new European champions in the competition.

This week we have been able to enjoy World Series of Warzone, a duo competition to win part of the total prize pool of $ 300,000. And who has got the best part? Well, the first prize comes to Españita, since the winners have been MethodZ and Daga (DaggerT1). We can say little about MethodZ that you don’t already know, being a legend of electronic sports in Spain. As for Daga, it seems to have been quite a bet of MethodZ for this championship. A bet that, as you have already seen, has been a winner.

MethodZ takes the World Series of Warzone from Europe with DagaT1

The bet, in fact, has worked incredibly well. Daga’s numbers in the competition have spoken for themselves. The 23-year-old player has been the Top 1 in number of kills in the European World Series.

As you can see, MethodZ has remained in fifth place, with 22 kills. Daga has taken a total of 27 in his pocket. He has lacked very little to destroy the 30. Looking at his results and how he has played, it is clear that he will give a lot to talk about in the next battle royale competitions. And more with $ 40,000 that is already in your pocket.

From Team Heretics, however, they have had a small ugly gesture that we hope was the result of confusion. The club has congratulated MethodZ as the winner, but has forgotten the essential role of his partner:

Luckily, they have rectified (more or less) and have shared the results in total of both players competing as a duo:

From Dexerto we congratulate MethodZ and Daga, about whom we hope we can tell you much more from now on.

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