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Movement at CoD Vanguard Has Professionals Terrified of Potential Injuries

The movement mechanics in CoD Vanguard have many CDL professionals concerned as they fear they are more prone to injury due to the difficulty the game brings.

If you’ve followed the competitive scene of the Call of duty League or you have just surfed a bit on Google and Reddit you know that CoD: Modern Warfare in 2019 was quite a stir. Movement in the game is part of the mechanics of the game, and any changes are subject to great scrutiny. And CoD Vanguard seems to be not going to save itself from it.

The problem is that the left and right controllers cannot be used to cancel the slides. In the CLD the professionals made a gentlemen’s agreement to prohibit Automatic Sprint. They had the facility to allow them to slide and cancel movement, but they also made their controls and thumbs suffer.

SBMM Cod Vanguard

Professionals are scared by the CoD Vanguard move

However, the movement problem has not ended at CoD Vanguard. It’s gotten so difficult that the best in the game are considering allowing the mechanics. Partly to protect his thumbs and partly to avoid breaking his knobs prematurely.

Doug «CensorMartin is no longer on any CDL roster but he has brought the discussion to the table. They should re-enable automatic sprinting to avoid injuries to players.

«If we have the tactical sprint in Vanguard, I think we should allow automatic tactical sprint. Our controllers are going to burn out and bend about two million times a day.”.

Also, other stars like Anthony «Shotzzy«Cuevas-Castro and Eli»StandyBentz seem to agree to change the rules.

«1 hour and my thumb is hurting”.

«I’ll be one of those who say they allow automatic tactical sprint in Vanguard”.

If both such iconic players are complaining and asking to allow automatic tactical sprinting is a situation to consider. As Censor explained, the movement is very similar to other titles because it requires a lot of the left stick. This being the case, the ability to run automatically seems more than necessary in the game.

You have to remember that so far the game is still in beta And no one knows if CoD Vanguard’s move will change with the launch or with the start of the season. But, in the event that it is not modified, it seems that the automatic movement would return.

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