Neymar Jr Fortnite Challenges; List of all challenges you need to know

The Neymar Jr Fortnite challenges goes live on April 27th. Inorder to unlock all the cosmetics associated with it fans have to complete every Neymar Jr Fortnite challenges. The Neymar Jr Fortnite challenge will be the first secret skin in  the battle pass to come with 11 unique cosmetic items.

Moreover, the Fortnite 16.30 update also goes live on April 27th. So probably the challenges will also goes live on the same date.

Neymar Jr Fortnite Challenges; List of all challenges.

The official blog of the Fortnite already revealed all the Neymar Jr Fortnite quests. You fans don’t need to worry, the quests are pretty simple. As mentioned above, every Neymar Jr Fortnite Challenge is connected with a unique cosmetic item.

1. Talk to an Island soccer player

Players need to talk to a soccer player in the island. This unlocks the Neymar Jr banner and the soccer ball toy emote.

2. Complete three quests from Island Soccer players

Players will have to complete three quests from the soccer players. This will unlock the Neymar Jr themed Matador loading screen.

3. Compete five quests from Island soccer players

Players will have to acquire and complete five quests from the soccer players. Players will get Neymar Jr outfit in Fortnite after the mission.

4. Drop-kick the soccer ball 500 meters as Neymar Jr

Yes, there are no kicking mechanics in fortnite. But players have to kick the soccer ball toy inorder to get the Joia Back Bling.

5. Score a goal as Neymar Jr

Just a score a goal as Neymar Jr. Players will get the Jaguar Strike Pickaxe by completing the mission. Sounds easy know?

6. Eliminate three opponents as Neymar Jr

By eliminating three opponents as Neymar Jr will unlock the Shhh emote. This helps the players to awake the Neymar Jr’s primal form.

Inorder to unlock the remain set of items, players has to complete regular quests of Epic rarity. Neymar Jr offers this in the quest log. The items are as follows:

•Aerial Acrobat Glider
•Stealth Shot Emoticon
•I’m ready! Spray
•Hang Loose Celebration Emote
•Exhibition Style of the Neymar Jr Outfit, Jaguar Strike Pickaxe, and Aerial      Acrobat Glider

Don’t forget that the Neymar Jr’s exhibition-style outfit has a seperate primal form.

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