Neymar Jr Fortnite skin; How to drop kick a soccer ball in Fortnite

The much anticipated Neymar Jr Fortnite skin went live a few days ago. Players are really happy about the Neymar Jr skin and the exciting challenges which came along with the skin.

Interestingly, one of the challenges is to drop kick a soccer ball for 500 meters. Players think that the challenge is a bit complicated. But the fact is it is one of the simplest challenges which came along with Neymar Jr Fortnite skin.

Neymar Jr Fortnite skin; How to drop kick a soccer ball

The process is not complicated as it sounds. First of all, players need to possess the Neymar Jr Fortnite skin and the soccer ball toy emote. To get the Neymar Jr Fortnite skin, players need to talk with the soccer player NPCs on the island. Then they have to complete 5 quests from these NPC’s. If the players complete the 5 quests, then they will earn the Neymar Jr skin.

After the completion of these quests, players need to start building the stairway to heaven. It is a ramp. Then they have to climb to the highest point of the ramp and kick the ball as high as they can. Note that the challenge will be complete if the players manage to kick the ball 500 meters.

It will be good if players build platforms higher than usual, so they could complete the task in a single blow. As we all know, building a much higher ramp is difficult. Players should have a squad behind them to support their actions.

The challenge has a glitch in it. If the ball gets disappeared before hitting the ground, the attempt will be wasted. The distance travelled during this attempt will not be marked because of the glitch. This glitch has only affected a few and it will be fixed in no time.

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