Neymar Jr Fortnite trailer; Everything you need to know

After a days of speculations, Epic Games finally dropped the teaser on the possible collaboration with star football player Neymar Jr. On 23 April 2021 the Epic Games uploaded the Neymar Jr Fortnite trailer hinting at a possible collaboration between Neymar and Fortnite.

The teaser also showed skin along with some style edits.The trailer also gave us the official date of release. Players who have the season 6 battle pass can acquire the skin on April 27th.

Neymar as we all know is one of the best players in the soccer world. Being well know for his extraordinary skills in the pitch, he is also an esports enthusiast.


He has previously played and won against prominent streamers around the globe and this is the reason behind the recent collaboration.

The concept of the skin in-game was floating around the fortnite world. Since the Neymar Jr Fortnite trailer has uploaded, the fans got a closer look at the skin.

Neymar Jr may get Primal-themed mech suit edit

The one and only out of ordinary aspect which can be seen in the Neymar Jr Fortnite trailer is the armored style of the skin. The style edit looks like a primal-themed mech suit.


Despite the new addition, fans are unhappy about the fact that Epic games are going to add a new character which has no relevance to the story. The twitter flooded with fans’s discomfort about the addition.

When the news about the collaboration leaked, many fans were disappointed. Some even stated that “the game was really a sellout at this point.”


If the situation remains the same, we can arrive at a point that Epic Games has failed to harness the hype which they created. Most of the players are not pleased with Epic Games’s current decision. Most of the fans wanted the foundation to be the secret battle pass skin.

Despite of the protest coming from the Fortnite community, Fortnite is still not slowing down their efforts for collaborations. The recent in-game skin addition Aloy, from the Horizon Zero Dawn is a best example for the fortnite’s rapid collaborations.

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