Nothing half and nothing whole

The new class in World of Warcraft is nothing half and nothing whole – at least as far as their range is concerned. And that could become a problem.

Probably the biggest feature of the next WoW expansion Dragonflight are the Dracthyr callers. This is a new people, but above all a new class. As dragons, the Dracthyr have a DPS and a healer specialization and can really heat up their opponents or energetically heal allies. However, the Dracthyr have quite a problem that, while interesting on paper, could cause difficulties in raids and dungeons: a significantly reduced range.

Dracthyr have medium range: Unlike all other classes in the game, the Dracthyr cannot be clearly categorized as melee or ranged. They have a range of almost 25 meters for most abilities – the only exceptions here are their various breath attacks and their movement abilities.

We have a bit of gameplay for the callers here:

What’s the problem with that? The difficulty here is that Dracthyr cannot be classified as a classic ranged or melee fighter.

Especially in raids, it often happens that melee fighters are supposed to “snuggle” in one position and ranged fighters in another position. That should simply not be possible with the callers. Because if ranged fighters are at the maximum of 40 meters for “normal” ranged fighters, then they simply cannot reach the melee fighters as healers and cannot cause any damage in ranged combat.

Callers have to do a balancing act here and either switch their position frequently between melee and ranged combat or simply get their own group that gathers separately.

How big is the downside? The disadvantage to other ranged fighters becomes clear when you consider what ranges other classes can cover. Because not only the positioning in the case of raid bosses with fixed positioning is a problem, but also the reduced range in fights in which the players are spread out. Because while a Holy Priest might easily have three players in range at different corners of the room, a Caller might not have any of those players in range.

Or to make the area coverage comparison a bit clearer:

  • A Priest with a 40m range covers a total of 5020m² of area in which to heal characters.
  • A caller with a range of 25 meters only covers 1,960 m² of area in which it can heal characters.

The colleagues from wowhead have published a graphic that shows how big the differences in range are:

The range of the summoners and other classes in comparison. (Image source: wowhead)

The dark green area shows the range of most of the caller’s healing and damage abilities, while the orange area shows the range of all other ranged attackers. The red circle represents the 50 meter line, the maximum range for the Callers’ two breath attacks.

So in boss fights with a wide range of players, Rufer will probably not be suitable as a “group healer”, but will probably be assigned to the melee fighters, who traditionally tend to be closer together.

With the current design of the Dracthyr callers, Blizzard has created an additional difficulty with which bosses must now be designed. Because the Dracthyr will receive “special treatment” in every boss fight in the future is unlikely to be in the spirit of the raid leader.

how do you see it? Do the players just have to learn how to deal with the peculiarities of the callers? Or should Blizzard just increase the range to match that of other ranged fighters?

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