Nvidia is criticized for high graphics card prices

Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. Many feel put off by the high prices. Is this the big opportunity for AMD now?

With the RTX 4080 and 4090, Nvidia has introduced its next generation of graphics cards for gamers. But some gamers don’t like the prices and many state that they won’t buy a graphics card for the price.

Many are now taking a look at the competition. Even some users who have bought Nvidia for years are now considering whether they should try AMD.

The prices of the RTX 4000 deter many gamers

What exactly is the problem? If you want to buy a new graphics card from the 4000 series, you have to pay at least 1099 euros. In comparison, the RTX 3080 “only” cost 729 euros, even if the prices for the release were higher everywhere due to mining and resource shortages. For many users, the price has reached a limit that they do not want to cross.

Nvidia’s boss has now also stated in an interview that graphics card prices will not fall in the future. This should particularly worry users who had hoped for graphics card prices to fall in the long term.

Now many users are looking at the competitor AMD and its possible Radeon RX 7000.

The new Geforce RTX 4080 makes me doubt whether graphics cards need to get faster and faster

Many are now hoping for AMD and the Radeon RX 7000

Why are many looking forward to AMD? AMD had made great strides in the past:

  • The efficiency of graphics cards has improved significantly. A few years ago, AMD GPUs were considered real power guzzlers.
  • AMD and Nvidia are now almost on par in terms of performance, and Nvidia is still clearly ahead, especially when it comes to ray tracing.
  • On top of that, AMD has presented an alternative to DLSS with FidelityFX Super Resolution.
  • In addition, AMD has been installed in more gaming systems in recent months and is thus gaining ground.

What are users discussing? For example, there are currently discussions on reddit as to whether AMD should not be used after all. There is one thread on reddit, where users want to know which manufacturer offers the best AMD graphics cards. Others even believe that AMD would have a chance to overtake Nvidia with RX 7000 – just as AMD had done with Intel thanks to Ryzen processors (via reddit.com).

AMD dominates Intel with its processors on Amazon – despite the discount

What is another point that speaks for AMD? AMD has always gone above and beyond the price. They offered similar performance as Nvidia, but always offered their components a little cheaper.

The fact that AMD has now officially reduced the prices of the current 6000 generation by up to 30% increases the hopes of gamers (via reddit.com) that AMD does not come with the same pricing policy as Nvidia now.

For many, “Team Red” is the hope of getting hold of a future graphics card without spending 1,000 euros or more for current features. But even here there is still a catch that could cloud hopes.

RX 7000: price and release are completely unknown so far

What could be problems? So far, AMD had only briefly teased its latest generation of graphics cards when introducing Ryzen 7000. So far, nothing is known about performance, efficiency or even the price.

If Nvidia is based on realistic prices for components, as some speculate, then AMD graphics cards could become similarly expensive in the future.

And that fuels the fears of many that good graphics cards for gaming could just become unaffordable at some point.

It then comes down to how important it is to AMD to gain more market share for the next generation of graphics cards. If you go by the price of the high-end cards, it could be expensive for AMD, but it’s worth it.

In addition, AMD hadn’t done itself a great favor with its last cheap graphics card: The RX 6500 XT had disappointed many because AMD had removed many features. On top of that, the RX 6500 XT offered less performance and features than graphics cards that are several years old.

What do you think? Are you also considering going to AMD or will you just wait and see what the situation is like? You can find more information about the next generation of AMD and Nvidia in the following article here on MeinMMO:

This is what you should definitely know about the next generation of graphics cards before you buy a new one now

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