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OFFICIAL: Ibai and Piqué will have a team for the League of Legends Super League

After the rumors of the last days it is confirmed that Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué have bought the place of AstralisSB to compete in the League of Legends Super League for next season.

It is not the first time that in recent months Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué have joined forces to carry out business movements. In summer, Ibai, thanks to the FC Barcelona player, was able to broadcast the Copa América and for a few weeks Ligue 1, the French soccer league.

In this case, both personalities join forces to bring a new team into the League of Legends Super League (LoL).

Ibai piqué super league lol

Ibai would return to the League of Legends Super League with Piqué and a new team

Ibai and Piqué in the League of Legends Super League

On August 25, eMonkeyz’s confrontation against AstralisSB took place to see which of the two teams obtained the place for the next League of Legends Super League season. Unfortunately for the monkeys they fell to the unstoppable red star 3-0 and from the moment they took the victory the rumors that their place would be sold spread like wildfire on social networks.

Before the official announcement, Dotesports advertised The purchase of Ibai and Piqué de la plaza would have been made on September 1, thus confirming that her new outfit would be in the spring season of 2022.

It also informs that the intention is that the structure of Stormbringers is maintained although it does not yet have a clear name for the team. Something very similar happened when Cream Esports joined forces with the Real Betis Balompié soccer team.

Shortly after, the Basque creator and Shakira’s husband confirmed it through the official video, underlining that even They got ahead of another player from the Spanish team that he was also interested in acquiring it. Ibai has confessed that having his own esports team was a personal dream since he began narrating the games in the LVP.

Both the name and the logo will be announced in the coming days and weeks. In addition, they would be interested that their own fans and followers give ideas and help with the name of the team. They have also made it clear that the competition with their new team will be a learning process. They know they won’t be able to get it all the first time.

However, the Basque creator and Shakira’s husband have not been the only ones interested in being in the professional league of League of Legends in Spain. Names like Case Esports, Team Heretics, Fnatic and Sevilla FC They have been interested in appearing in the maximum Spanish competition by buying the place of the whole of BCN Squad according to reports other sources.

If true, over the next few days or weeks we should have more information about it as well as the confirmation of all those involved. Be that as it may, stay tuned. We will update the news as we have more information on the subject.

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