Overwatch 2 loses its chief hero designer

Overwatch 2 has lost another important developer. The Lead Hero Designer has left Blizzard.

It’s one of those pieces of news that Blizzard fans have a hard time digesting. Another well-known developer has left the company. Geoff Goodman is no longer part of Blizzard and therefore no longer a member of the Overwatch team – and so close to the release of Overwatch 2.

What was Goodman’s role on the team? Goodman worked on Overwatch early on, even before the game was created from what was left of “Project Titan”. As “Lead Hero Designer” Goodman was responsible, among other things, for the design of the heroes, as their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Large parts of the balancing went on his cap, including the reworks of the two heroes Orisa and Doomfist, but also the development of new heroes like Sojourn or Junker Queen.

Aside from that, Geoff Goodman was also considered one of the faces of Overwatch after Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard back in 2021.

Geoff Goodman was one of the better known faces of the team.

The fact that the Lead Hero Designer is leaving the team so shortly before the game’s release is of course a somewhat strange sign. However, the decision was probably made “earlier in the year”, as Blizzard revealed to PCGamer magazine. Goodman was last seen for Blizzard in a group interview on Overwatch in June 2022.

It is not yet known where Goodman will end up. Many former Blizzard developers are now working for other studios or have even founded their own completely new studios.

The newest heroine in Overwatch 2, Kiriko, caused a lot of discussion:

Overwatch 2 Kiriko New Hero gameplay trailer

This is what the community says: The Overwatch subreddit is hotly debated about the departure of such an important person on the Overwatch team. While many criticize that Blizzard is suffering from a “brain drain”, i.e. the creative minds are gradually disappearing, there are also some voices that welcome a breath of fresh air and new faces. After all, Blizzard has been shaken by several scandals in recent years, with the big sexism scandal in particular ensuring that many old fans are now more positive about new faces.

A few voices from the Overwatch subreddit:

  • “The stomach bangs just keep coming, don’t they? I don’t know why I’m even trying to look forward to Overwatch 2. The negative signs are all there and I’m just trying to keep hoping that they still surprise us in some way… I guess I just miss the good days of Overwatch.”
  • “I really want to be happy. I feel like I would celebrate any good news, whatever it is. But it’s just been so long since there was any good news…”
  • “That seems so strange to me; so many people are saying that jeff and geoff leaving is a terrible thing for the game but not even a year ago everyone was saying they just ran out of good ideas? Now which of the two should it be? Are they holding back the company and making bad decisions or is it so bad for the game that they are leaving?”

What do you think? Too bad that such a longtime developer at Blizzard has disappeared? Or is it good that this might bring a breath of fresh air into the company?

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