PlayStation Talents Games Camp 2022: all the new projects

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) today reveals the new projects that will become part of the PlayStation Talents Games Camp in 2022.

Starting this month, the studios will begin to develop their video games with advice on business, marketing, communication, development and art from the PlayStation Talents program, as well as from its technology partners Z by HP, Shuttle and Tangram Solutions.

During this year, the selected projects will be mentored by the Lanzadera business accelerator, who will accompany and advise the teams during all phases, as well as the support of Z by HP and Tangram Solutions, who provide workstations state-of-the-art professionals, workshops, training and access to Tangram motion capture and facial expression equipment in Madrid.

New additions for the PlayStation Talents Games Camp 2022

This is the complete list of the new additions:

  • Slaughter No Hitby Rebel Crew Studio, based in Barcelona
  • NeonBloodfrom Chaotic Brain Studios, based in Madrid.
  • The Silent Swan, by Studio Cirenses. Study based in Bilbao.


Slaughter No Hit

Rebel Crew Studio presents this original roguelike adventure video game, in which the player plays Yael, an old man who loves hunting and fishing and has been working in a slaughterhouse for fifty years. When he dies, he ends up in a peculiar beyond where he judges people only by the animals they have killed throughout their lives.

Certain that hell will be won, Yael embarks on a journey to escape her fate with the invaluable help of her strange and foul-mouthed companion “Pat”, the old apron she inherited from her father. The video game proposes an original mechanic in which the player will receive a handicap for each hit received, and an improvement when dodging them.


The Chaotic Brain Studios studio presented this cyberpunk setting project at the 2021 PlayStation Awards, taking the award for Best Art. This striking 2.5D JRPG presents the story of Axel McCoin, a detective who, motivated by his ideals and convictions to rebel against injustice, will go in search of the revolution to tear down the foundations of the corrupt society of the Viridis macropolis.

The Silent Swan completes the PlayStation Talents Games Camp 2022

This narrative experience that combines walking simulator and open world takes the player through a decrepit and monolithic environment filled with gigantic urban buildings, fully explorable. The few inhabitants of this unusual world will give the player clues as they pass through this silent territory.

In addition to the new projects, the winner for Best Game of the Year, Zero Studios for his video game Dark Life: Excalibur, is also part of this year’s PlayStation®Talents Games Camp projects. The project, an epic fantasy action adventure game tells the story of Aron, a human who is tied to the most famous and legendary sword of all time: Excalibur. Aron must find peace through the revenge of his family and for this he must discover why York, the lord of the giants, destroyed everything he fought for.

silent swan

Parallel to this area of ​​the program, PlayStation®Talents continues to develop projects in its different areas, such as Malnazidos or Tadeo Jones 3, which will soon see the light of day on PlayStation consoles and other platforms.

Thanks to the initiative PlayStation Talents Games Camp, which now enters 2022, Titles made in our country are now available throughout Europe and America, such as Clid the Snail, Dawn of Fear, Effieor insomnia, among others. PlayStation Talents Games Camp currently has locations in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Asturias, Malaga, Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and also the possibility of applying to the online modality of the program from anywhere in Spain.

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