Pokémon GO: All events in October 2022

All events in October at Pokémon GO in the overview with dates and details. We show you all known bonuses and which events are particularly worthwhile.

What does the overview show? Niantic gave a first glimpse of the upcoming events in October 2022. We summarize the overview here with themed events, raid bosses, spotlight hours, the Community Day and the research breakthrough.

As soon as there is new information about the upcoming events, we will update the article for you.

All events in October 2022 at a glance

In October you can expect some events that revolve around the “scary” theme. Finally, Halloween is coming up. Accordingly, Pokémon such as Alpollo, Giratina, Ninjatom and Shuppet await you. In the overview we list all the events and below that we go into the dates that could be worthwhile.

date events
Until October 8th 5er Raids with Yveltal*
Until October 8th Mega Raids with Mega Sloppy*
October 1
until November 1st
Research Breakthrough with Ninjatom*
and a smoke
4th of October Spotlight Hour with Felilou
and Development XP
5th October Raid hour with Yveltal
5th October
until October 11th
Evolving Stars Event
8th October
until October 20th
5 raids with Xerneas*
8th October
until October 20th
Mega Raids with Mega Voltenso*
8th October Raid tag with Mega Gyarados
October 11th Spotlight Hour with Alpollo
and catch dust
October 12th Raid hour with Xerneas*
October 14th
until October 17th
Light festival event
15th October Community Day with Lichtel*
October 18th Spotlight Hour with Traunfugil*
and Catch XP
October 19th Raid hour with Xerneas*
the 20th of October
until October 27th
5-person raids with Giratina (morph form)*
the 20th of October
until November 8th
Mega Raids with previously unknown Pokémon
the 20th of October
until November 1st
Halloween Event 2022
October 21
until October 23rd
Safari Zone in Taipei
October 25 Spotlight Hour with Shuppet*
and Development EXP + special bonus
October 26th Raid hour with Giratina (morph form)*
October 27th
until November 8th
5-person raids with Giratina (original form)*
Pokemon with a star

are marked, with luck you can find them as Shiny

Which events are particularly worthwhile in October 2022? These can be worthwhile:

  • So far, the details are missing for some events, but the announcements already show which dates can be good. Spotlight Hour with Alpollo:
  • Alpollo’s evolution, Gengar is a powerful glass cannon and a popular attacker. With Alpollo himself and the stardust bonus, you can fill up your dust reserves properly on this date and secure strong Pokémon at the same time. Raids with Giratina:
  • Raids with the popular Pokémon have been a long time coming since 2020. The joy of finding the strong attacker again in raids and securing a few strong specimens during the raid hours is correspondingly great. Above all, the original form should interest you here. Halloween event:

In the Spotlight Hour, you’ll see the Development XP bonus twice and none with candy. This suggests that the Halloween event will once again provide a juicy candy bonus this year. So it’s worth it to catch Pokémon at the time and also clean up your collection. In addition, the Halloween events in Pokémon GO always bring spooky Pokémon into focus.

As soon as there are more details about the upcoming events, it will be easier to estimate which ones are really worthwhile and which ones should not be prioritized too much.

Do you already have favorites in the overview and dates that you have already marked in your calendar? Tell us about it here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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