Pokémon GO: Everything about the Ultra Beasts Kaguron and Katagami

In Pokémon GO you can currently meet the ultra beasts Kaguron and Katagami. We at MeinMMO will show you where you can find which monster, how strong they are and whether you have a chance of getting a shiny.

What monsters are they about? September 13, 2022 saw a major raid boss change in Pokémon GO, which is why you can now encounter the Ultra Beasts Kaguron or Katagami in Level 5 Raids in certain parts of the world.

What kind of monsters are, where you can find which raid boss and how strong they are, we have summarized below.

Here are our counter guides to the new Ultra Beasts:

What are Kaguron and Katagami for Pokemon?

Kaguron: Kaguron is an ultra beast from the 7th generation of games. It belongs to the Flying and Steel-type Pokémon and has no pre-evolutions or advancements. You can recognize the monster by its distinctive appearance. The Ultra Beast has a white, thin body surrounded by a metallic gray-green coat.

Katagami: Just like Kaguron, Katagami is an Ultra Beast from the 7th generation of games. The Grass and Steel-type Pokémon also have no other stages of evolution. You can recognize the little monster by its white body with yellow and orange decorations, reminiscent of a folded origami.

What are Ultra Beasts?
The Ultra Beasts are mysterious Pokémon from another dimension. With the help of wormholes, so-called Ultragates, they can switch to the world of Pokémon GO. In addition to Kaguron and Katagami, four other Ultra Beasts have already been caught in the game: Anego, Schabelle, Masskito and Voltriant.

How strong are Kaguron and Katagami?

Kaguron: The ultra beast Kaguron scores particularly well with good stamina. Its defense and attack are solid. So it draws on the following values:

  • Attack: 207
  • Defense: 199
  • Endurance: 219

Even with the move set, the flying and steel Pokémon can only score to a limited extent. With its two Steel Charged Attacks, Iron Skull and Ram Boss, it has two relatively fast Charged Attacks, but it doesn’t have a Steel Instant Attack.

It is similar with the flight type. Here it can benefit from the Fast Attack Air Slash, but has no suitable Charged Attack to fall back on. For this reason it is rather uninteresting for the raids and the GO battle league.

Katagami: In contrast to Kaguron, Katagami can score with a high attack value. And his defense and stamina are also solid. So its values ​​look like this:

  • Attack: 207
  • Defense: 199
  • Endurance: 219

In addition, it uses a good move set of razor blade and leaf blade for the attacks, which does a lot of damage to the opponent. So Katagami can rank among the 10 best plant attackers in Pokémon. In the GO Battle League, on the other hand, it’s less interesting.

We have summarized an overview of the best attackers of all types in the following video:

Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

Are there Kaguron and Katagami as Shiny?

No, neither Ultra Beast can be found in the game in their dazzling form yet. So you can’t meet any Shiny after the raid. As soon as they celebrate their debuts in Pokémon GO, you will definitely find out from us on MeinMMO.

Where to find Kaguron and Katagami?

Unlike most other raid bosses in Pokémon GO, Kaguron and Katagami cannot be found equally in all parts of the world. Where which of the monsters spawns and what you have to consider, we have summarized below.

How to get Katagami: Finding Katagami is fairly easy for players in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes Germany. This is where the Pokémon spawns everywhere in the level 5 raids.

In order to defeat it, you only have to look for a suitable raid. Since there is also a corresponding raid hour with Katagami on September 14th and September 21st in this region, you should have no problems encountering the ultra beast.

Trainers located in the Southern Hemisphere are less fortunate, so be sure to invite your friends to these raids for a chance for a Katagami too.

How to get Kaguron: Like Katagami, Kaguron is only available regionally. So it spawns parallel to Katagami in the Southern Hemisphere level 5 raids. Here in Germany you cannot easily meet the raid boss.

To secure a copy anyway, you can let friends invite you and take part in a long-distance raid. Alternatively, there are also apps like PokéGenie or PokéRaids, where you can also be invited to these raids.

We have summarized below how you can find friends in Pokémon GO:

Pokémon GO: Find Friends 2021 – Here you will find codes

How long are Kaguron and Katagami in the raids? Both Ultra Beasts will be found in their respective regions in Level 5 Raids until September 27, 2022 at 10:00 local time.

Have you secured the new Ultra Beasts yet? And which raid bosses are you hoping for in October’s level 5 raids? Let us know in the comments.

By the way: Kaguron is currently causing quite long queues. We explain why this is so and why the Ultra Beast is so popular with trainers.

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