Pokémon GO: Find reveals 7 new Pokémon

In Pokémon GO, new monsters have been discovered in the source code, giving hope for a release of Cosmovum, Bubungus and Lamellux. At the same time, the graphics also ensure proper discussion in the community. We at MeinMMO have looked at what this is all about.

What are the finds? The Pokéminers, a group of dataminers, periodically comb through the game’s source code to find out what monsters and features are coming next. They then publish these finds and make them available to other players.

During their last search, they came across the graphics of new Pokémon that may be coming into the game soon. We have summarized below what these are and what the trainers think about them.

These 7 monsters were found

As the reddit user redwineandbeer reports in his current post, the Pokéminers have discovered 7 new monsters and their respective shiny variants in the source code. These are Cosmovum, Bubungus, Lamellux and four different costumed Pikachu.

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What are Cosmovum, Bubungus & Lamellux for Pokemon?

cosmovum: Cosmovum is the first evolution of the legendary Psycho-Pokémon Cosmog, which you can already catch as part of the special research “A Cosmic Kumpane” for the Season of Light.

Cosmog, Cosmovum, Solgaleo and Lunala (via

And Cosmovum’s advancements Solgaleo and Lunala have also been part of the finds from the Pokéminers in the past. In addition, on August 28, 2022, Niantic teased a release of the Psycho Pokémon itself with a video for the Season of Light.

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So you could see the outline of Cosmovum in the constellation shown. So it’s conceivable that you won’t have to wait that long for the debut.

We have summarized how strong Cosmog and its further developments are in the following article:

Pokémon GO: That’s how strong Cosmog and its advancements are coming to the Season of Light

Bubungus and Lamellux: Bubungus is a Grass and Fairy-type Pokémon from the 7th generation of games, which can evolve into Lamellux. You can recognize the monster by its white body, which is visually reminiscent of a mushroom. And Lamellux also resembles a mushroom with its purple hat and thin, white body.

Trainers disagree over finds

Anticipation for Cosmovum: In the community, however, the finds of the Pokéminers are rather mixed. However, some coaches would be particularly happy about the possible newcomer Cosmovum. The dazzling variant in particular catches their eye.

Many are enthusiastic about this and they hope for a corresponding release. As FireLordObamaOG writes (via “Maybe we’ll get shiny Cosmog and Cosmovum in GO then.”

Mixed opinions on Bubungus and Lamellux: The situation is already different with Bubungus and Lamellux. While some trainers are happy that there will be new monsters again and find them very cute, other players are disappointed with the selection.

This is mainly because the two monsters are likely to fall back on the fast attack Astonishment, which isn’t very good. This in turn makes it uninteresting for many. This is how the user JRE47 writes (via “Bubungus and Lamellux are trapped behind the Fast Attack Stunner, so… no further analysis needed, sorry.”

Criticism of Pikachu: However, Pikachu receives the greatest criticism of the new monsters. What is striking about the finds is that the costumes already exist in the game in a similar form. For example, you couldn’t find a Pikachu with balloons until May of this year.

And the Pikachu with a similar shirt could already be caught as part of a regional event in Japan. So Niantic has mainly changed the colors of the accessories of the electric Pokémon.

In addition, there are already numerous costumed Pikachu in the game, which is why the joy of new T-shirts and hats for the yellow mouse is limited. So you can read the following in the comments (via

  • jwebmusic writes sadly: “Recoloring of existing costumes.”
  • Crabominibble2 takes the changes with a lot of irony: “Niantic is finally starting to go green.”
  • MontanaHikingResearch: “Pikachu has more costumes than Barbie.”
  • Wiztard-o: “I’d really like to get a Surfing Pikachu with a surfboard, but no, I’d rather have another stupid shirt or hat.”

The release for the Pikachu with the green shirt should also already be known. A safari zone is to take place in Taipei from October 21 to October 23, 2022, in which this Pikachu should be part of the spawns.

Even though the Pokéminers have often been correct in their predictions in the past, the data is not official information. Thus, Niantic can still adapt this content or even completely do without a release. It remains to be seen whether and when the other monsters will come into play.

How do you like the finds of the Pokeminers? Do you also hope that Cosmovum will celebrate its release soon? And what is your opinion on Bubungus and Lamellux? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

In Pokémon GO there are now countless costumed Pokémon that invite you to collect them. The trainers therefore proudly present their crazy Pikachu collections. We show how many you already have.

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