Pokémon GO has strong Galar birds in the new smoke

In Pokémon GO there has been a daily adventure smoke for a few weeks, which should bring you special encounters, such as the legendary Galar birds. But some coaches are disappointed. We at MeinMMO have looked at what this is all about.

What is that smoke? At the end of July, Niantic introduced a new feature to Pokémon GO: the adventure smoke. This is a special smoke that you can activate once per day and that brings you different spawns for 15 minutes when you move.

Unlike the normal smoke, the adventure smoke also includes one or the other rare specimen. Above all the legendary Galar birds Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados. But it is precisely these that are currently causing a lot of conversation in social networks. We’ll show you why.

“Who has not encountered a Galar bird?”

How do you get the birds? Normally you can’t just meet the legendary monsters in Pokémon GO in the wild, but you will find them mainly in raids, but also in rewards from the GO Battle League or in the fight against the Rocket Boss Giovanni.

With the adventure smoke you now also have the chance to catch them wild. But that’s not so easy, because the meeting of the 3 Galar birds is just a matter of luck and torments the trainers. Because the monster has to stay in the ball.

What is the problem? Although the smoke has been around for more than three weeks, not every player has encountered a Galar bird. This is particularly annoying for those affected. In the meantime, they are overwhelmed with pictures of other players’ sighted or even caught Galar Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados on social networks.

This is what happened to the reddit user MeatballAppreciation, who had no luck encountering such a specimen for the past 20 days and is therefore looking for like-minded people in his post.

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Are the legendary Galar birds really that rare?

It has been known since the feature was introduced that the legendary Galar birds should only appear rarely in the adventure smoke. Nevertheless, the large number of pictures on social networks suggests that some have been really lucky here and keep encountering the legendary monsters.

But from the comments below the post, you can tell that MeatballAppreciation isn’t the only one who hasn’t had an encounter. Because numerous other players also report their bad luck (via reddit.com).

  • MuelNado: “Not seen one. I haven’t seen a Pokemon that I would consider rare since Day 3 of the Smoke (a low CP, 0 star Venusaur). Just boring spawns over and over again.”
  • KingMegoon1921: “Not a single rare bird in sight. They definitely live up to their “legendary status” in my game.”
  • OkFortune: “I got an absol one of the days… not much else”

However, there are also comments that players have encountered one or two specimens, which shows how variable the frequency of these spawns seems to be (via reddit.com):

  • MuksyGosky: “I ran into at least 7, all of whom fled with a silver pinapberry and a hyperball.”
  • BeautifulPlace2Drown: “You just miss the disappointment. I saw 4 and they all fled after a gold raspberry/hyperball great or fabulous curveball.”
  • Svembah: “I didn’t see a single bird. I’ve used the smoke every day since it came out, only get spawns of the current spawn pool. My buddy has seen 3 birds so far but not caught them. I wish I had seen at least one…”

What is your opinion on the spawns?

Even though Galar Birds have a poor chance of catching, it is still disappointing for players when they don’t even come across a specimen. That’s why we want to know your opinion on the subject.

How do you feel about the spawn rate of the legendary monsters? Have you had any luck and found them just right? Or should it be improved? Please take part in our survey below:


Trainer suggests Adventure Smoke change

In order to increase the chance of encountering a legendary Galar bird in the future, UndyingDark therefore proposes a change in the game and writes:

I got a bit lucky, got a Duodino, Paragoni and Strawickl before the Beetle event but not much since. I really haven’t used the smoke much since I finished the challenge. I wish there was a 7 day streak where the more times you use it in a row, the better the spawns on average.

Undying Dark (via reddit.com)

Is such a change conceivable? A similar reward system already exists in Pokémon GO for the first catch and spin at the PokéStop every day. There, too, the rewards are getting a little better every day. So it would be conceivable that Niantic would also introduce such a procedure for the daily smoke and adjust the probabilities of an encounter something like that.

In addition, such a change could also make the adventure smoke much more interesting for one or the other player. However, it remains to be seen whether the smoke will actually be adjusted. If there is any further information on this, you can find out from us on MeinMMO.

Until then, we can only give you the following tips for using the smoke:

  • It is best to walk a straight route without turning so that the GPS can better recognize the route you have covered
  • run quickly so that you can see as many Pokémon as possible in the smoke
  • it’s best to just catch the monsters out of the smoke so you don’t miss any
  • make space in your Pokémon bag in advance so you don’t have to send anything during the smoke (about 30 spaces)

What is your experience with the adventure smoke? How many Galar birds have you encountered so far? And have you caught one yet? Let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO.

But the adventure smoke is not the only topic that is hotly debated on social networks, because the times of C-Day are giving many players a hard time. Tell us in our poll whether Niantic should change Community Day.

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