Pokémon GO: Sedimantur counter in the guide

The 20 best counters against Sedimantur in Pokémon GO in the guide. We show you the best attackers and movesets. You can use it to defeat Sedimantur in raids on Community Day in September.

What kind of Pokemon is Sedimantur? Sedimantur (Boldore) can be found on September 18, 2022 in Pokémon GO in the special level 4 raids. It is the evolution of Pebbleling and can evolve into Brockoloss.

You can find the level 4 raids to match the Community Day with Kiesling. Here in the overview we show you the 20 best counters with movesets.

Defeating Sedimantur in the Raid – With these counters

  1. Crypto Metagross with bullet slash and star slash
  2. Katagami with razor blade and leaf blade
  3. terracotta with double kick and sancto blade
  4. Mega Turbok with aqua gun and aqua howitzer
  5. Crypto-Machomey with counter and balancing punch
  6. Crypto sumpex with aqua gun and aqua howitzer
  7. Crypto Hariyama with counter and balancing punch
  8. meta gross with bullet slash and star slash
  9. Mega Gyarados with cascade and hydraulic pump
  10. Mega Simsala with counter and focus push
  11. Lucario with counter and aura sphere
  12. Crypto Impergator with aqua gun and aqua howitzer
  13. mega slacker with double kick and focus push
  14. Crypto Tangoloss with tendril and leaf scourge
  15. Crypto Torterra with razor blade and Flora statue
  16. Mega Venusaur with Vine Chop and Flora Statue
  17. Mostagrif with counter and balancing punch
  18. Zarude with tendril and leaf scourge
  19. Kyogre with cascade and surfer
  20. Crypto Kokowei with ball seed and solar beam

Weaknesses of Sedimantur: The Pokémon is of the Rock type and has weaknesses to Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water and Grass. In raids, rely primarily on attacks and Pokémon of these types to defeat Sedimantur.

Is there Shiny Sedimantur? Yes. You can catch Shiny Pebbles in Pokémon GO and then evolve them.

The Shiny family from Kiesling

How many trainers do you need? If you have the top counter Pokémon and have already reached a fairly high level (40+) in Pokémon GO, you can defeat Sedimantur alone. With lower levels but strong counters, you should rely on more trainers.

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