Powerful SBC rewards cannot be traded, no longer earn coins

FIFA 23 isn’t out yet, but you can start earning rewards in the web app. But there is a big change with some popular SBCs.

These SBCs are about: In “Squad Building Challenges” you exchange a team of players who have to meet certain requirements for a reward. This can be packs, for example.

If you now visit the Squad Building Challenges in the FIFA 23 Web App, under the “Advanced” tab you will find three sets of complicated SBCs:

  • The hybrid leagues
  • The Hybrid Nations
  • The League/Nation Hybrid Challenge

All three sets have always been part of FIFA in recent years and have always been very popular because you could earn your first strong rewards here.

The good packs from the challenges always gave hope for top players for your own team, but at least for a decent profit on the transfer market if you sold the other players from the packs.

However, players have to say goodbye to the latter in FIFA 23: Because the rewards from the “advanced” SBCs are non-exchangeable this time – and therefore useless on the transfer market.

Popular starting SBCs give better packs, but you can’t sell anything from them

What does irreplaceable mean? If something is “untradeable” in FIFA, you cannot sell it on the transfer market. An untradeable player is of no use if you actually want coins.

You can still use these players in your own team or in SBCs. To do this, however, they either have to match their own team directly or the corresponding SBCs. But that’s not so easy given the new chemistry system in FIFA 23.

What packs do the SBCs bring? The packs you get from the challenges have been improved this year. For example, if you complete the full groups, hybrid leagues and hybrid nations each get a jumbo rare player pack instead of a rare mega pack like last year. These packs are worth about twice as much. There are also better packs in the partial challenges than last year.

So the chance of getting something good out of it increases. You definitely can’t just sell it.

For the start in FIFA 23, this should mean a fairly high hurdle in terms of collecting coins. Because the SBCs were always a good place to put on a coin pad to build good starter teams. At the same time, however, this could also mean that many players do not have as many coins to start with – and thus fewer uber teams running around at the start.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen what other SBCs will look like that will come into play over time. In the past, more and more SBC rewards became “untradeable”.

What do you think of the change? Tell us in the comments! Still don’t know what to do with the web app? Here you will find tips for getting started with the FIFA 23 Web App.

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