“Probably the worst change in a long time”

Last night, September 13th, a hotfix for the online shooter Destiny 2, update, was released. But Bungie did not mention one significant change in the patch notes: If you leave PvP matches in the standard “Control” mode prematurely, you will now get into trouble. There’s an angry message from Shaxx and a game ban threatens.

What was that hotfix?

  • The patch notes for Destiny 2 last night were rather small, as you know it from a hotfix: A few bugs were fixed.
  • The hotfix was 201.8 MB on the PC.
  • It really wasn’t a big deal – Destiny 2 MeinMMO expert Britta just mentioned it in passing in the Weekly Reset article.

Those were the days:

Destiny – Become Legend Official Trailer

Shaxx scolds players who leave Control matches without permission

Then what are people getting upset about? With the hotfix, a secret change went live that Bungie had concealed in the patch notes. Anyone who has been active in PvP since last night and had a bad run will notice this change:

  • In Control PvP, if players either go afk or leave a match early, they will receive a message from Lord Shaxx: He’s not angry, but he’s very, very disappointed.
  • Shaxx warns players that they ended a “competitive match” before it was complete. That would have a negative impact on other players. If you don’t want to mess with Shaxx and the Crucible, please play the matches to the end.
  • That’s all? Not quite. Like the side kotaku reported, if you violate this rule again, you will be given a forced time-out of almost 30 minutes.

The message isn’t new, it’s the same message players get when exiting a competitive playlist. You can also see that from the fact that Shaxx speaks of a “control” match as a “competitive game”. But that’s not it at all.

Shaxx drives players in Destiny 2 to maximum performance, now roars at them privately

Players fear Bungie is secretly turning recreational mode into ranked mode

What exactly is bothering the players? The mode in question is the “Control” mode: This is the “daily PvP” so to speak, which you just play on the side.

It’s not really a “competitive mode” where it’s all about something like the Trials of Osiris. Therefore, some players have the feeling that this mode can be a bit more relaxed:

  • Users say: “I tried it myself and unfortunately it’s true. You get a “competitive quitter” penalty for the control playlist. I hate giving up any more than anyone else, but that’s no solution. We’re seeing the casual playlist transition into a ranked mode right now.”
  • A second user says: “Control is not competitive! This is probably the worst change to PvP in Destiny 2 in a long time.”

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Destiny 2 is now banned due to internet issues

Players state that there are reasonable reasons to leave a normal control match early:

  • Internet Problems – On reddit For example, one user writes that he was banned because he hit a “weasel” twice, one of the known errors. So he received a ban.
  • You have to help the child quickly
  • Or you could have just achieved the goal in the match you had in mind

So far, control has just been the PvP that you do on the side, and where nothing matters – so it’s strange that Bungie is introducing these new penalties here of all places.

By the way, Bungie had somehow concealed another change in the patch notes:

Destiny 2 nerfs Titan’s Strongest Heal Exo – Are no longer invincible

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