PvP is frustrating WoW Classic players because some are playing the mode back the way it was intended

Players in WoW Classic had used PvP in Alterac Valley to farm Marks of Honor in a relaxed manner. But some teams turn it into endless battles by using the gameplay “Russian Meta”.

In WoW Classic, many players are concerned with efficiency. It’s not worth playing long matches to farm Marks of Honor. A currency that can be exchanged for weapons and equipment at the PvP merchant.

A villain showed that many just do AFK farming. Blizzard has already banned numerous players for not properly participating in the battlefield. However, some of the bans were not justified and were withdrawn.

Those looking for efficiency are now frustrated by the way others play, who take the PvP match in Alterac Valley far more seriously.

Most don’t even want to fight each other

What is Alterac Valley? It is a battlefield with towers, bunkers and a boss in each headquarters. Each team has a total of 600 “tickets”, so it can be revived 600 times. The goal is to either kill the opposing boss, or kill all enemies until they run out of respawns.

Many make Alterac Valley a 5-minute match using a principle called the “European Meta”. Both teams stand without attacking each other and wait for the graveyard to be captured. They knock down towers and bunkers from the opposing team, kill the boss and casually bag the badges of honor.

Curious: Whoever defends towers alone can be banned.

In the video you can see everything about the WotLK expansion:

WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King – In Under 10 Minutes – Ad

Russian Meta: Epic battles instead of efficiency

This is the “Russian Meta”: Sometimes you will encounter teams in PvP that play in Alterac Valley the way the developers originally intended. The team rides headlong into the other, forcing them back towards the towers. Then they start fighting their opponents, trying to recapture towers and bunkers before the enemy team does the same.

Due to this game principle, the match lasts much longer, often over 30 minutes. Because of this, many players get frustrated and leave the mode instead of fighting the battle.

What do you say about the gameplay? Do you like that players in Alterac Valley want to fight real battles again? Or do you see the mode as an efficient way to earn Marks of Honor quickly, and are also frustrated by players making it a perpetual carnage? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

Blizzard also takes action against boosting:

WoW makes boosting and botting even harder, restricts ancient chat command

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