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Raptors in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 ; all locations revealed

The raptors are one of the last wild animals to arrive in the Fortnite. The latest fortnite week 7 challenges is to hunt two raptors. The raptors as they are in the films are quite powerful in the game also. But it is not that difficult to find these creatures. So let’s hope on to the locations of Raptors in Fortnite

Locations of Raptors in Fortnite

If we check the map we can see that the raptors are all around the island. Players hunt raptors from the middle of Bony Burbs, two packs near Stealthy Stronghold and Catty Corner. Players can also hunt raptors from Weeping Woods as three packs of the species are spotted around the site.


As they are in the movies and stories, they are pretty strong and fast. Players cannot outrun them and should have a huge amount of fire power if they are going on a combat with them. It would be wise if players keep a distance between themselves and the raptors.

Explosive Bow is one of the best weapons in the fortnite, if the players are considering to blow raptors from a distance. Players can also use Assault rifles and SMGs to hunt Raptors.

Players can also meat to lure the Raptors to a specific point. Hunting Raptors will be fun if players are more creative.  By doing so they can hunt them easily. As mentioned above players should maintain a distance between the raptors and themselves. Close combat may result in failure.

Players can also build ramps and platforms iver the structures. The Raptors don’t climb (checking on probability). So hunting 2 Raptors will be enough to complete the Fortnite week 7 challenge.

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