Samsung SSD for PS5 now on sale at Amazon

Grab the Samsung 980 Pro SSD for PS5 now on sale at Amazon and look forward to 1 TB of new storage space. Warzone 2 can come.

The storage space of PS5 is limited, but the titles are getting bigger. mammoth games like war zone 2 can sometimes occupy half the hard drive. Luckily there is a remedy: secure yourself now Amazon one SSD for PS5 from Samsung cheap on offer.

To the offer on Amazon

Samsung 980 Pro on sale at Amazon

the Samsung 980 Pro achieves a read speed of up to 7,000MB/s and is therefore significantly faster than that PS5 it actually requires. Through the practical M.2 format the hard drive can be easily installed in the console or in your personal computer obstruct.

At Amazon, you currently pay €113.47 for the SSD. Of the Shipment is like always free. With the offer can currently no other retailer can match. Outside of Amazon, the model is currently not less than 117.99 euros to have. (Source:

However, make sure that this is the model without a heatsink acts. This currently costs €130.04 on Amazon. Sony recommends installing an SSD with suitable cooling, but you can use one for yourself under 10 euros Order externally if you don’t have one at home.

Strike now: Samsung SSD for PS5!

Who needs an SSD for PS5?

the PS5 comes with it from the factory 825GB storage. Part of it is of course occupied by the system and the like, so ultimately round 667GB remain at leisure. Many current games require a lot of storage space, at the same time more and more titles are bought online and therefore have to be downloaded in full. In the digital version of the PS5 you really have no choice.

My favorite PS5 accessory is an SSD and you should buy one too

If you play regularly and maybe even PS Plus uses, sooner or later your storage space will be used up and you always have to delete something before you can load a new game. In the long run, this is really annoying and restrictive. Luckily you can go to the PS5 simply one second SSD install. The model offered by Samsung comes with 1TB and thus offers a lot of new space, for example for Warzone 2.

Get your Samsung 980 Pro now

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