Steam now tells you which games are the most popular

A new feature on Steam now gives you interesting statistics on the most popular games. MeinMMO shows you what information Steam gives you with the new tool and where you can find it.

What is this feature? With the new tool shows you Steam now details which games are the most popular and is particularly interesting if you want to know which games are currently being played a lot or bought the most.

What information do you get? With the new feature, Steam gives insights into the number of players. So you can see the 100 games that are played the most. In a first step, you can sort by current or daily players.

If you sort by the current players, you can see how many people are playing a game at that point in time. For example, Lost Ark has a value of 99,983 on September 23, 2022 at 10:40 am. You can also find out the maximum number of simultaneously active players in the past 24 hours. That’s 203,625 at Lost Ark.

If you sort the list by daily players, the statistics will tell you the maximum number of concurrently active players in the last 24 hours and also how many places a game has won or lost compared to the previous week.

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In the other list you can see the best-selling games in a top 100. Here, too, Steam gives you information on how many ranks a game has risen or fallen and tells you how many weeks the title in question has been in the top 100.

You can also sort the statistics precisely according to numerous countries or display the worldwide values. CoD: MW2, for example, has risen by 37 places in Germany since last week and has already been in the top 100 for 6 weeks. However, the shooter has “only” climbed 19 places worldwide, but has already been in the charts for 10 weeks (via Steam).

On top of that, you can always find out the price of a game in all the lists and click on the name to go directly to its Steam page.

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Where can you find the feature? If you want to take a look at the new Steam statistics, we at MeinMMO will show you where to find them:

  • To do this, open Steam via the application on the PC or in a browser.
  • Select the “Shop” grid at the top of the screen in the row with Shop, Library, Community and your player name.
    • You don’t have to click on it, just be on the term with the arrow.
  • Now you can see some terms lined up one below the other. Click here on “Statistics”.
  • You are now in the overview with the various lists and can choose between “Top Seller” and “Most Played”.

In the picture we have marked the areas that you have to select. Note that the screenshot was taken in a browser and the layout on the Steam application is slightly different. In both cases you will find the term “Shop” including the subcategory “Statistics” at the top.

Steam Statistics Directions

What do you think of the new feature on Steam? Would you like to take a look to see which games are currently popular and top buys or are you not a fan of stats? Feel free to write us a comment and let us know here on MeinMMO!

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