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Stylish on the go with the new wearables from Samsung

The Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Buds2 Pro are coming soon. If you pre-order it now, you can get up to €150 in Samsung Pay credit or a wireless charger.

The smartphone has made wearing wristwatches obsolete—at least until smartwatches came along. Anyone who misses wearing a chic watch on their wrist should take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, because it not only looks good, but is also super practical. Also handy: Up to €150 Samsung Pay credit, that you get as a pre-order bonus at MediaMarkt.

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The Galaxy Watch5: Top companion for your everyday life

But what exactly makes the watch so smart? Aside from telling the time, it can measure and display a whole host of other information. For example, your heart rate when you exercise or your body fat percentage so you can track your fitness progress. Just like your sleeping rhythm, because you can track this too and make your nights more restful.

Also a pedometer is of course included, but this not only counts steps, but also records other sporting activities such as cycling or swimming. To swim? Is the Galaxy Watch5 too? waterproof? Yes, at least up to 5 ATM. So unless you’re planning deep-sea diving trips, it should be able to keep up. It’s also resistant to scratches, so don’t worry if you trip over your own feet while running.

Choose from three case colors and customize it with many different digital watch faces to suit your style. Then you create a Samsung Pay account, because if you still have the Galaxy Watch5 before August 25th Ordered and registered with Samsung by August 30th, you will receive a credit of up to €150, depending on the model.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 here for €329

There is also a bonus for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro

What would make your workout even better? music of course! Matching the pre-order campaign for the Galaxy Watch5, there is also one for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. In this case you get one free Wireless Charger Duo, if its the headphones until August 28th preordered. Then you can inductively charge your smartwatch and headphones at the same time when you come home after an eventful day.

Of course, a free charger alone is not a reason to buy, which is why the Galaxy Buds2 Pro also impress with excellent ones 24-bit Hi-Fi sound and 360° audio. So you can completely immerse yourself in the music. Especially since the earbuds too noise cancellation control, so that noisy environments are not a problem. If you want to use them to make calls, you don’t even have to take them out of your ears, because your voice is also recorded crystal clear.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are available here for €229

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