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“Take the damn map out of the game!”

Former Twitch streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as “DrDisrespect” (40), is known for controversy and outbursts. He played Apex Legends in a live stream on YouTube. Then he was killed in the game and freaked out, even his equipment had to accept it.

Who is DrDisrespect?

DrDisrespect’s Twitch ban is arguably the most well-known and controversial in the history of the streaming platform. But other bans have also caused discussions.

The 5 biggest Twitch bans that caused quite a stir

DrDisrespect ends game and stream in ragequit

This freak is about: In an Aug. 17 stream, DrDisrespect played the hero shooter Apex Legends. When he is shot from behind by another enemy during a firefight, he immediately ends the game. Then he lets out a tirade and bangs his mouse on the desk several times until bits fly.

This is what the Doc has to say about Apex: Of course, DrDisrespect is not to blame for his sudden death in the game. Rather, the game is the problem. He’s criticized the lack of footsteps in the past, but this time he goes further (and not just to smash his mouse).

This damn game sucks. It’s terrible! Everything is a distraction: sound effects, explosions, VFX. I’m having a seizure. There is so much VFX on my screen I don’t know what it is. […] I have no idea what’s happening. No!

DrDisrespect via YouTube

In particular, the island map Kings Canyon seems to really annoy DrDisrespect. He had already complained about them in 2019. Now he demands to “simply take the damn map out of the game.” That’s all he wants.

What happened after the freak out? Apparently DrDisrespect lost interest in Apex and streaming. He said goodbye to his group chat to the soundtrack of the Windows notifications, which were probably intended to draw his attention to the fact that the mouse was not properly removed.

As a farewell, he let his affected mouse dangle through the picture a few more times before he threw it on the table one last time, then the almost eight-and-a-half-hour stream ended.

You can watch the whole snap here:

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From 8:26 DrDisrespect freaks out

Fans celebrate freaks

These are the reactions: His fans are unlikely to be shocked by DrDisrespect’s outburst. They celebrated him on YouTube in the comments: “I had to laugh hysterically” and “One of the best Doc freaks in a long time” it says.

The clip was also greeted with amusement on Twitter. One user scoffs that DrDisrespect is just bad at any game that requires actual skills. Others provided well-intentioned advice: Apex is simply competitive, so you have to stay on the ball. Besides, the Doc might be able to see more without his sunglasses.

As one user put it, “The doc will always be the doc, so we’re going to get more clips like this one.” (via Twitter)

If there’s one thing DrDisrespect cares about, it’s the sound in shooters

This is behind it: The freak out is really typical of DrDisrespect because he plays extremely “by ear”. For him, the sound effects in a shooter are crucial, because that’s how he anticipates enemy movements.

DrDisrespect is known for criticizing the sound effects in shooters. Though his character is tongue-in-cheek, the Doctor takes sound in shooters deadly seriously.

What is it about Apex Legends (or any other game) that really gets you mad? Do you also have experience with the Kings Canyon map and wish it would be removed from the game? Or do you always stay calm and ragequits are a foreign word for you? Please leave us a comment.

DrDisrespect used to describe itself as the face of Twitch. Since his perma ban, he has been the epitome of the sometimes controversial ban policy of the streaming platform. It’s more likely that he’s the face of the Resistance for some fans, who trolled Twitch with the Doc’s picture.

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