Terrorist Group Allegedly Executes Over 100 People, Now Bans PUBG Because It ‘Promotes Violence’

The radical Islamic Taliban currently rule over Afghanistan. As a government power, the terrorist organization now wants to introduce new rules. This includes bans on video games like PUBG, but for reasons that are sometimes bizarre.

Which group is it? The Taliban have been active for many years, primarily in and around Afghanistan, where they were in power from 1996 to 2001. The group consists of radical Islamic supporters who want to enforce Sharia law.

After a long war in Afghanistan, the Taliban were finally able to regain power there in August 2021. As a result, they allegedly extrajudicially executed over 100 employees of the former government, as reported by the mirror.

Previously, the Taliban were said to have been responsible for various atrocities, including beheadings, some on camera. Now the group is passing new laws in Afghanistan and banning the popular shooter PUBG, among other things.

Why is PUBG banned? Like the South Asia Index on Twitter states that one of the reasons for the ban is the “advertising of violence” in PUBG. The game has so far been extremely popular, especially in its mobile version in Afghanistan.

Noisy PC gamers sometimes more than 100,000 young Afghans played the mobile shooter at the same time. Like the news agency The Khaama Press Providers of Internet and telecommunications services now have 90 days to set up blocks.

Afghanistan is not the first country to ban PUBG. India blacklisted 118 apps in 2020 including PUBG. The mobile shooter is also banned in Pakistan.

The PC version of PUBG recently received a new feature that allows you to craft skins:

You can now craft skins for free in the PUBG shooter – a new trailer introduces the feature

Banning PUBG and TikTok has been planned for months

Other reasons for the ban, according to PC Gamer, are that the two apps are “tempting the younger generation” and “wasting people’s time”. Taliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani himself said in April on twitter:

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology is obliged to block the game PUBG and the app called TikTok, which is leading the youth down a wrong path. In the same way, channels that offer amoral materials and programs are to be avoided as much as possible.

So the ban has been planned for a while but is only now really being enforced. It remains to be seen whether the plan will be crowned with success. According to current information, the Afghan providers must now enforce the blockade.

By using VPN services, it should still be possible to bypass the blocks and use both PUBG and TikTok unhindered.

PUBG maker KRAFTON shouldn’t be satisfied with the ban either. In the case of India, the publisher has already thought about how to circumvent the ban:

Green blood, $100 million and Microsoft – PUBG Mobile wants to bypass censorship ban

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