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The best cheap players for FIFA 22 Career mode

FIFA 22’s Career mode is all about making the best decisions on and off the pitch to improve your squad, and when it comes to buying players, a good bargain can pay off. Here are some of the best bargain players we’ve come across so far.

If you want to become a good coach in FIFA 22 Career modeYou will have to learn to play in the market and find the right players to improve your team.

That not only implies scout for the right players, but also develop them.

At first it may seem like a daunting task. However, look for free agents and young players is a good starting point. Beyond that, you’ll also want to try and find some bargain players.

Passing in FIFA 22
EA Sports

Changes to the gameplay in FIFA 22 give players more precision when it comes to passing and crossing.

They are usually players who have good growth and potential in relation to their price. They are also usually bench or rotation players and are outside of the top 5 leagues, as those clubs do not hand out cheap players lightly.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best bargain players we’ve found at each position. We have limited it to players between the ages of 17 and 24, as you will be able to get good value from them for longer.

The best FIFA 22 players on offer to sign in Career Mode

As we have mentioned above, we have organized our list of offer players into separate sections for each position. We start with the forwards and work our way down to the defenders and goalkeepers.


Name Age Club Position Half Potential
Antwoine Hackford 17 Sheffield United ST 59 84
Dane scarlett 17 Tottenham ST 63 86
Djibril Fandje Toure 18 Watford ST 60 83
Jayden braaf
19 Manchester City LW 64 84
Kayky 18 Manchester City RW 66 87


Name Age Club Position Half Potential
Fabio Carvalho twenty Fulham CAM 67 86
Kacper kozlowski
17 Pogoń Szczecin CAM 68 85
Largie Ramazani twenty UD Almeria RM 67 83
Romeo lavia 17 Manchester City CDM 62 85
Yan Brice Eteki 24 Granada CF CM 75 83


Name Age Club Position Half Potential
Braian cufre 24 Malaga CF LB 74 81
Cesar Montes 24 Monterrey CB 75 83
Jesus Alejandro Gomez 19 Atlas LB 63 87
Morato twenty Benfica CB 68 84
Rav van den berg 17 PEC Zwolle CB 59 83


Name Age Club Position Half Potential
Altay Bayindir 2. 3 Fenerbahçe GK 77 84
Charis Chatzigavriel 17 Free Agent GK 58 84
Gavin bazunu 19 Portsmouth GK 64 83
Maarten Vandevoordt 19 Genk GK 71 87
Justin bijlow 2. 3 Feyenoord GK 77 85

This summarizes our list of the best players on offer in the Career Mode of FIFA 22. There are, of course, many others that you can find on the market. However, these are some of the best in terms of growth and potential.

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