This is how much time you spend gambling every week

Time is a valuable resource that we need to manage in our everyday lives. You told us how much of it you spend gaming per week.

That’s what it was about: In a survey, we asked you how much time you spend gambling each week. After all, free time is valuable and many of us have other hobbies besides gaming, not to mention important things like school, work, friends and family.

Many of you answered this question and the survey collected over 4,500 votes. Here’s what you guys told us.

These are the results: A total of 4,573 readers took part in the survey at the time of the evaluation on September 20, 2022. The distribution of votes was as follows:

  • 10 to 20 hours: 1,253 votes (27.39%)
  • 20 to 30 hours: 1,072 votes (23.44%)
  • More than 40 hours: 904 votes (19.77%)
  • 30 to 40 hours: 753 votes (16.46%)
  • Less than 10 hours: 591 votes (12.92%)

The majority of you are probably more of the “after-work gamers” who play a few rounds with their friends online in the evening after work or spend a few hours in single player.

But it shouldn’t be too little, because only a minority plays less than 10 hours a week.

You used to gamble more

What the comments say: In the comments section below the poll, some of you have shared in your posts that you used to play more than you do now. The reasons for this are diverse. Some of the most frequently mentioned reasons are the “RL obligations” such as school and job. But the family you spend your time with (or who own the game consoles) is also a factor.

10-30 would be the correct answer. Because it varies quite a bit. I’ve done 20-30 times now. I play 10 alone with a buddy a week. It really depends on how strenuous the work was or whether I have plans for the weekend.

MyMMO reader Assassin’s Horse

Approx. 5 hours, but only on Sundays – that’s when our children have a “gambling break”.

MyMMO Reader -MansorY-

But not every one of you is just down to a lack of time due to real life or other hobbies. Disappointment with the current games on the market also plays a role and was represented in many a comment.

The last big peak was at Elden Ring, that escalated hard. Normally otherwise an average of 10-15 hours per week, if at all. But that’s more due to the underwhelming games than lack of time.

MyMMO reader Threepwood

Meanwhile “only” 20-30 hours, while in the past it could easily be >40 hours.

This is mainly due to the multiplayer titles, especially PvP titles, which are getting worse from year to year. The long-term fun of playing is increasingly decreasing, on the one hand due to changes that are only aimed at the commercial interests of the publishers, while quality and general gameplay suffer, but on the other hand this is also very often caused by the behavior of today’s players.

MyMMO reader BavEagle

There were also statements that the playing time likes to fluctuate when you’ve just found an exciting game or a blockbuster like Elden Ring appears, in which you can sink countless hours. The weekly gametime tach sometimes goes over 40 hours.

Others gamble even less

This is how it looks in other communities: Our colleagues from the game pro and the game star conducted the same survey among their users. From their results, it transpires that multiplayer and MMO players probably spend more time gaming per week.

Most readers play for a maximum of 20 hours a week on both sister sites. Very few of their community members surpass the 40 hour mark.

How about you? Did you expect the result or do you find it surprising? How do you find the comparison with the surveys of our colleagues? Tell us in the comments.

But no matter how much you play every day, a hardcore FFXIV fan can certainly beat you:

Final Fantasy XIV: Player uses 24 accounts at the same time, pays over €300 a month

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