This is how you plan your dream team now

You ever want to have a plan how your first team in FIFA 23 should look like? Then you can use a FIFA 23 Squad Builder.

What is FIFA 23 Squad Builder? There are several portals on the Internet that provide so-called “Squad Builders”. There you can access a currently growing number of Ultimate Team cards – the more ratings come out, the larger the databases become.

Good squad builders can be found here, for example:

Why should I use a Squad Builder? Basically, it’s just fun to put together a few dream teams and experiment. However, this year there is another argument.

FIFA 23 removed the old chemistry system in FUT and introduced a new one. There are no longer direct connections between players, and new chemistry points from 1 to 3 per player are used instead of the old system. Here we show you how the new chemistry system in FIFA 23 works.

In addition, there are now new, alternative positions that you can try for your players. This system has already been implemented in the Squad Builders. So you can already practice what you can expect in Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 23.

How do FIFA 23 squad builders work?

Usually you can choose from one of several formations in the Squad Builder. Then you will see the entire team as an empty shell.

Now you can select individual players for each position. You have various options – either search directly for the desired name, or use parameters such as league, position, nation and the like.

Once you have chosen a player, you can either continue to search for suitable players manually or (e.g. on futbin) use a suggestion function. On futbin you can reach them via the “lightbulb”. This will then suggest suitable players for your current squad.

Now you can just try it out a bit.

This is what an exciting team could look like (via futbin)

Here in the example you can see a few interesting points. For example, with Mendy and Koundé there are only two LaLiga players in the team with no direct connection, but both get two chemistry points.

Joshua Kimmich in the back right even gets the full chemistry – although he doesn’t have a suitable player next to him. You can also see the “alternative” position in action here – because Kimmich is actually primarily at home in central midfield. He couldn’t have played in the RV position in FIFA 22 without a big chemistry loss.

FIFA 23: Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Features – What Makes It Different From FIFA 22?

What else makes the Squad Builder useful? If you look in the sidebar of the Squad Builder, you will see an overview of the new chemistry system, for example, where you can see exactly which players lead to which chemistry bonuses.

This is interesting now, but will also be relevant for the FIFA 23 release, for example if you think about solutions for SBCs with the Squad Builder. Then you can plan there and then get the necessary players directly in the FIFA 23 Web App.

In addition, the Squad Builder shows you the rating, the overall chemistry and, above all, the prices of your players. The latter doesn’t matter at the moment – but as soon as FIFA 23 is released, you will always be able to see directly what your dream players cost in the Squad Builder.

Which players do you want to see on your first team in FIFA 23? More and more ratings are appearing presenting new options. However, it is also noticeable that some players could become useless in FIFA 23 despite their high rating.

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