Tower of Fantasy has 4 hidden hotkeys that save you annoying clicks

There’s quite a bit of clicking to do in the new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. But for players of the PC version, there are 4 hotkeys that make life easier, but the game itself doesn’t tell you anything about them. We at MeinMMO show them to you.

What is Tower of Fantasy? The anime MMORPG is a gacha game that has many parallels to the classic Genshin Impact. However, Tower of Fantasy wants to emphasize the MMO aspect and relies on many players and an open world.

The title came out in the West on August 11th and has been hugely popular ever since. But the user interface of the MMORPG, which takes some getting used to, causes problems for some users. There are many buttons that you have to click explicitly and cannot control with the keyboard. That’s not exactly the standard for the genre on PC.

The MMORPG has hidden hotkeys: But you don’t actually have to click 4 of the buttons, Tower of Fantasy just doesn’t tell you that. There are a handful of hidden hotkeys in the game that make your life easier.

These are the 4 buttons in the upper right corner of the user interface. Namely gifts, diary, challenges and the in-game shop. Definitely things that you click on more often.

Instead of clicking, you can also simply open it with Alt and the numbers 1 to 4. The game counts from left to right, so:

  • Gifts with Alt +1
  • Diary with Alt +2
  • Challenges with Alt +3
  • Ingame shop with Alt +4

Check out the release trailer for the game here:

New MMORPG Tower of Fantasy shows impressive release trailer – fans celebrate the graphics

“It changed my gaming experience”

How is the community reacting? A player in reddit from Tower of Fantasy had accidentally found the hotkeys because his pc thought his alt key was still pressed. He then shared his insight on reddit and is celebrated for it by the fans of the title.

They say thank you in droves for the discovery and are happy that they no longer have to constantly move the mouse to the upper half of the screen.

One of the players even wrote “Oh wow, that changed my gaming experience” and got a lot of encouragement, some just said thank you, and others said they’ve used other programs to toggle those keys.

However, we would like to warn you about the latter, since Tower of Fantasy, like almost all MMORPGs, prohibits the use of third-party software and you could endanger your account.

Do you play Tower of Fantasy yourself? Have you been annoyed by the buttons on the top right the whole time? Feel free to write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO and share your opinion with us. We are looking forward to it.

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