Trainer brings Pokémon GO to the real world

One of the most important interactions in Pokémon GO is spinning at PokéStops. Now a trainer has brought the game to life in a very special way and is delighting the reddit community. We at MeinMMO took a look at what exactly he developed.

What are PokeStops? The basic concept of Pokémon GO is to go outside and explore the surroundings while catching the little pocket monsters on the spot and fighting them together with other players.

The most interesting points in an area are marked by so-called PokéStops. These are blue and have a round photo disk at the top that can be rotated. If you do this, you will be rewarded with various items, research tasks and gifts.

Also, a few more monsters often spawn at these points. So interacting with these stops is especially important for Pokémon GO players. Now a trainer has brought this function to the real world and is delighting the community.

By the way: The YouTuber ChaosLady explained to us what you have to pay attention to when applying for PokéStops.

Trainer builds real PokéStop

If you look at the current post by reddit user RealCaptainSteel, you can quickly see that he was particularly drawn to the PokéStops in Pokémon GO. So these are no longer just part of his game, but also an integral part of his real life.

As RealCaptainSteel explains in his post on reddit, he and his partner quickly built their own stop in real life. As he writes (via “We’ve built a PokéStop that gives real gifts!”. Below is a video of the artwork.

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The two paid attention to every detail, which also makes such a PokéStop in the game. Instead of turning the photo disc, however, trainers can press a button here and receive a small gift, which has also been adapted to the look in Pokémon GO.

But it doesn’t just stop at this little gimmick, because as RealCaptainSteel explains, there is also a little surprise hidden in the gift. In this case it was a shiny pebble that his partner crocheted for C-Day. And Community Day stickers with Kiesling could also be found in it.

Can you visit the PokéStop? Yes, as RealCaptainSteel explains in the comments, the two Pokémon GO lovers want to try to make the homemade PokéStop available to other trainers as part of the monthly Community Days.

Interested parties can find her in the Canadian town of Kitchener, about 100 km south-west of Toronto. For Community Day with Lichtel in October, they will set up their PokéStop in their local Waterloo Park.

But her vision goes even further. One of their biggest goals is to tour North America with this stop one day and make it available to other trainers on the C-Days.

Trainers are enthusiastic: “I would like to press the button”

This homemade PokéStop is really popular with the trainers in the reddit community. The contribution by RealCaptainSteel currently has more than 18,600 upvotes (as of September 21, 2022 at 12:50 p.m.). And the comments also show the enthusiasm of the trainers. So many hope that one day they will be able to operate the PokéStop themselves (via

  • FormerTerraformer: “Absolutely awesome!”
  • seaglass_: “This is insane!! I want so badly to push the button.”
  • nicknametrix: “When I tapped this post, I didn’t expect this to be in my city. Cool thing!”
  • SeptemberBud: “So creative. Absolutely fantastic. Great job being a part of your local Pokemon community. You make the game so much more interesting for a lot of people.”
  • forte_the_infamous: “I really need the info on how to do this!! This is fantastic! I want this for my community!!”

Since the demand for the homemade PokéStop is so high, reddit user pgomav also suggests that RealCaptainSteel simply go into production with it so that every country has such special stops (via However, Niantic’s design rights must be respected.

Other suggestions from the community: But there is one thing missing from the trainers on this homemade PokéStop: Team GO Rocket. The Grunts are known for taking over the PokéStops in the game, stealing eggs and items from them and causing a lot of trouble.

This should also be implemented at the real stop, so reddit user faity5while another user directly offers his help for the next Community Day in the comments (via “I’ll take my Rocket cosplay and set off to claim it.”

The two builders of the PokéStop have already thought about this topic and want to include them in the future variants. However, RealCaptainSteel does not reveal how in the comments.

Are there any other plans for the PokéStop? Yes, RealCaptainSteel and his partner have big plans for improving the PokéStop in the future. The stop still has to be manually populated with a gift after each round. The two want to change that and find an automated solution.

And RealCaptainSteel would also like to integrate a color change with LEDs in the next version. In this way, the purple cooldown would also be visually displayed, as in the game, as well as the takeover by Team GO Rocket. When that will happen, however, remains to be seen for the time being.

How do you like the homemade PokéStop? Would you also like to visit him and get one of the gifts? Or do you prefer to stay in the digital world? Let us know here on MeinMMO and talk to other trainers about this topic.

The next event in Pokémon GO will start in the coming days. We’ll show you which new Pokémon, costumes and shinys the fashion week brings you.

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