Twitch bans gambling sites after major streamers threaten to protest

After a scandal involving hundreds of thousands of euros, there is a huge discussion on Twitch about gambling on the platform. Streamers like Mizkif and Pokimane threatened to go on strike. Now the provider is reacting and restricting what streamers are allowed to show.

A lot has happened on Twitch in the last few days:

Twitch responded to the controversy with a post laying out new rules designed to better regulate gambling on the platform.

This is what Twitch says about it now: In a statement, Twitch explains that there are actually rules for gambling, but some streamers are simply lifting them. We now want to prevent that.

As of October 18, new rules will come into effect that will completely ban certain websites on the platform. In the Message on Twitter is it[called:

We are updating our policy on October 18th to prohibit the streaming of gambling sites that feature slots, roulette or craps games that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions with adequate consumer protections.

Twitch lists a number of banned sites and reserves the right to add more at a later date. However, content such as sports betting, “fantasy sports” and poker are generally permitted. So gambling will not disappear completely, but will at least be significantly more restricted.

Gambling hasn’t always been an issue on Twitch. The first major streamers became successful in other ways:

Twitch: Who were the first successful streamers?

Gambling streams on Twitch – Also a German topic

We cannot yet say which countries Twitch means by the other jurisdictions and how important German laws are for the rules. Gambling on Twitch is also a big topic here.

Streamers like MontanaBlack and Knossi have reached tens of thousands of fans with such content and have been able to grow through it, among other things. MeinMMO asked the well-known Internet lawyer Christian Solmecke what the legal situation regarding gambling streams in Germany is:

Why is MontanaBlack really no longer showing gambling on Twitch? We asked a lawyer

Both MontanaBlack and Knossi have now moved away from the content and with the new rules it should also be more difficult for other streamers to use gambling as their main content.

A new, up-and-coming Twitch star also shows that this is not necessary for growth and reach. The German streamer Fibii quickly became one of the biggest streamers in Germany:

A young German streamer is currently experiencing rapid growth on Twitch – Who is xFibii anyway?

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