Twitch bans Russian troll that burns cheap gas 24/7 and laughs at Europeans: “From Russia with love!”

On September 11, the “russiangas1” channel opened on Twitch: an apparently Russian troll showed how cheap gas is in Russia and happily squandered it. But after a stream of 95 hours, Twitch was apparently too stupid: the channel was banned.

These are the numbers of the channel:

  • Channel “russiangas1” opened on September 11 on Twitch and broadcast the first 3 days with practically no viewers.
  • From September 16th, the channel was discovered by some viewers: on December 17th things really got going. That stream lasted 94.5 hours, started going viral, and ended on the morning of September 21, apparently with a Twitch ban.
  • The channel was on the air for a total of 131 hours – peaking at 2,595 viewers.

Russian Twitch streamers are losing their livelihoods overnight

This is what you saw on the channel: Like the side reported, a Twitch user claiming to be Russian demonstrated how a gas stove runs endlessly and simply burns gas.

A screenshot shows the heading “From Russia with Love” and “1.44 euros/month”. Apparently that should say: It only costs him 1.44 euros a month to leave the gas burner running all the time.

We spent the weekend looking at how expensive it is to run a console at current electricity prices.

Apparently, the twitch stream was intended as a provocation to show how cheap gas is in Russia: Due to the Ukraine war and a shortage of gas supplies as a means of political pressure against economic sanctions from the West, gas is expensive in Germany and Europe become – this is currently leading to a social debate in Germany: electricity and gas prices are rising, the economy is seen to be at risk.

Apparently, the troll wanted to send a kind of “that’s what you got from it” into the world with the campaign.

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Streamer collected spiders for stove to match gas cooker

This is how the stream is described: says: There was a message in the stream in Russian: People should be nice to each other. In the lower left corner, however, a laughing person was shown.

The Twitch streamer’s avatar was an orc – a popular Ukrainian swear word for Russians.

It is said the streamer also raised funds to buy himself a stove to match the gas burner.

Our expertise on MeinMMO relates to gaming. If you want to find out more about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we recommend that you get information from official websites or news magazines:

– Ukraine Live Blog (via time)
– War in Ukraine (via nzz)
– Solidarity with Ukraine (via Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Important NOTE: If you are plagued by dark thoughts about the current situation: you are not alone. Please get help. For example, with the telephone counseling service on 0800/111 0 111 or the Online Counseling, where you can also use a chat. It’s free and applies nationwide.

As reported by, the channel’s link was shared on Telegram groups. The channel is full of “pro-Russian” messages.

But it could be that the Vice article was the channel’s undoing, because the channel was apparently banned shortly after the article appeared.

We have repeatedly dealt with the effects of the war in Ukraine on MeinMMO:

Sisters Stream on Twitch from Ukraine – Interrupted by Bombs

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