Twitch star Asmongold is pissed off, wants to break off contact with a close colleague and starts an internal investigation

Twitch star Zack, better known as “Asmongold,” is apparently shocked by allegations against fellow streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo. In a heated stream, he almost talks his head and neck.

This is the background: On the weekend of September 16, 2022, big drama broke out on Twitch. As it became known on Saturday, the streamer “ItsSlikeR” cheated its viewers and other content creators out of several hundred thousand euros – apparently to finance his gambling addiction.

That led to a call from Twitch stars Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo for a ban on gambling on the platform. If the streaming giant didn’t do anything, they threatened to go on strike. In fact, Twitch has now responded to the demands.

But Mizkif himself quickly came under criticism. Gaming streamer Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam has accused him of covering up a friend’s sexual assault. He brought a case from 2021 to the public.

The streamer “CrazySlick”, short: Slick, who is friends with Mizkif, is said to have followed the streamer Adrianah Lee at a party and touched her indecently – but he insists that he only checked her pulse. Mizkif is said to have swept it under the carpet at the time.

A streamer criticizes gambling on Twitch and is suddenly at the center of a shitstorm about sexual assault and racism

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Freak out in the stream

How does Asmongold come into play now? Asmongold and Mizkif are co-founders of gaming organization One True King (OTK). In a stream that is no longer available, Asmongold found clear words.

Slick himself got all the anger from Asmongold at first. Asmongold called him a liar and a “creep” and even wished for his death – not in game, but in real life. But Mizkif didn’t get off scot-free either.

If Mizkif doesn’t break off all contact with Slick, Asmongold never wants to speak to him again. That also applies to everyone else who is connected to Slick.

Until I see verifiable, indisputable evidence that Slick didn’t do it and wasn’t a creep – and I’m talking about actual, court-certified documents here – I will never be with anyone I know who has anything to do with him again speak. I will literally never speak to them again.

Asmongold via Twitch

The thing must have been quite close to Asmongold’s. He said he was “so damn mad” and didn’t care if Slick was Mizkif’s boyfriend. Slick only took advantage of Mizkif, lied to him and now put Mizfik and Asmongold in this position.

However, Asmongold also admitted that he did not yet know how large his colleague’s participation actually was, which he wanted to find out. Mizkif is very upset at the moment, so Asmongold wants to give it some time. He’ll work it all out.

Suspension and internal investigation against Mizkif

What’s next for OTK? The organization released a statement on Twitter on September 21. In it they condemned sexual harassment, assault and bigotry. OTK also stated that it had initiated an investigation by an independent legal organization.

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OTK condemns sexual assault

Mizkif has since been released and is resigning from his obligations until the results of the investigation are available.

How is the community reacting? OTK fans seem to have different opinions. For some, the response doesn’t go far enough. They are demanding Mizkif’s immediate release. Others hope the investigation can be concluded quickly and Mizkif exonerated (via Twitter).

What does Mizkif say? The streamer has since released its own statement apologizing to Adrianah and all victims of sexual harassment for his statements. Sexual harassment, regardless of its severity, can never be considered “minor”.

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